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Feature Request 8 months ago

I would like to suggest that the Blog images feature the way it exists today get's removed and built into the existing Joomla article images function.

There is really no need for having two separate areas to upload images for an article. Especially because they do not work in tandem.

In addition the current helix blog image upload has a lot of limitations. You can only upload an image, which then depending on your settings creates additional versions of the image. This would be a great feature if it were not that the images generated are not optimized and can become quite large in file size.

In addition you are NOT ABLE to:

  • browse for an image, you must upload each time
  • choose a folder where to store the image
  • change the image, you need to delete the image, which doesn't delete the image(s) from the server
  • as mentioned before use the Joomla article images at the same time as helix blog images
  • cannot use more than one image for different purposes, like in the case of standard Joomla, intro and full images

If Helix uses the existing Joomla image fields, the only feature it looses is Helix's ability to creaty multiple versions of the image. Which if you still want to go that route you can easily keep that feature by using the Joomla image fields as well. And you will have the ability to define two different images for intro and full.

In case you want to make improvements, I think Helix is much better served integrating responsive images in Joomla using the HTML5 srcset attribute using the existing Joomla images fields and step by step you can add a lot of features that will really differentiate the article images feature of Helix from other frameworks:

  • Resize article images (core "Intro" and "Full" images)
  • Resize content images (images inserted inside text)
  • Multiple sizes per image instance based on configuration
  • Automatic image resizing
  • Optimize image size
  • Image editor with functions like: crop, rotate and scale
  • Retina images
  • Custom filename for uploaded images
  • Joomla custom fields integration. Add multiple resizable images using custom fields

If you agree or have suggestions, please let your voice be heard.

I sincerely hope that at the very least with the next release of Helix, the helix blog images will be removed.

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Mehtaz Afsana Borsha
Mehtaz Afsana Borsha
Accepted Answer
Support Agent 8 months ago

hi Thanks for your suggestions. Note it on our feature request