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Menu On Helix3 - Yamas And Onepage


Mathias Wickles

Helix Framework 9 months ago

Happy new year together!

2 Problems with Header i need support from you.

No1: when i scroll down Menu disappears for a while and appears later on scrolling. Shuld be fixed on Position.

No2a: when i load side new (e.g. to check changes) and site is over red background - Menu becomes transparent and only white on scrolling much more down. Whether predefined - or self constructet Menu - always the same.

No2b: on mobile Offcanvas Navigation dont disappear when click on " no-scroll" items. Home works - rest not

I tryed much CustomCss - nothing worked. Please help. Best wishes, M.W.

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Accepted Answer
Senior Staff 9 months ago

Hi there,

Thankd for contacting us. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please capture an screencast video about your issue and share with me. I will check & get back to you soon. Cause, I can't see the problem my end.