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Responsive Screen Dimensions


Stefan Wittmann

SP Page Builder 4 days ago

Could I please know what dimensions (screen widths) sp page builder uses to switch between the different devices (desktop/tablet/mobile). I need this to write custom css for my site. Many thanks!

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Mehtaz Afsana Borsha
Mehtaz Afsana Borsha
Accepted Answer
Support Agent 4 days ago #117887


Thanks for contacting us.

Responsive Column Options > Responsive tab - from where you can hide a column on chosen devices. Those breakpoints are based on screen dimensions:

Phone (max-width: 575px, what means less than 576px) Larger Phone (min-width: 576px, what means between 576px and 767px) Tablet (min-width: 768px, what means between 768px and 991px) Smaller Desktop/Laptop (min-width: 992px, what means between 992px and 1200px ) Desktop (min-width: 1200px, what means 1200px and up)

You can folloe this docmentation below: