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Nuron Template Logo does Not Adjust Size


Lon Czarnecki

Template 1 week ago

Not sure if this is a Nuron template issue or a Helix issue...

The logo settings in the template options asks for a Logo, Retina Logo, and Mobile Logo. I have added a logo for the standard logo and the mobile logo. However the template forces the logo to always be 66px tall. .logo-image {height: 66px;}

Even when using the mobile logo the CSS is: .logo-image-phone {height: 66px;}

When I add a custom CSS (in the tempate options) the CSS for 66px overrides my custom CSS. .logo-image {height: auto;} .logo-image-phone {height: auto;}

How can I get the logo to resize properly according to device?

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Mehtaz Afsana Borsha
Mehtaz Afsana Borsha
Accepted Answer
Support Agent 1 week ago #138174


Thanks for contacting us, you can use this custom CSS in your custom.css file

.logo-image {
    height: 50px !important;