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Video Format 9:16 is Displayed 16:9 In The Player



SP Page Builder 1 month ago

Hello team, i have a video (mp4, local file, NO Vimeo or YouTube) in 9:16 format. I would like to display it in the same format. But the video module always forces the 9:16 video into a 16:9 format. This is not social media compliant these days.

Unfortunately, the code snippet from another forum request ( doesn't work when I add it to the custom CSS of the page.

Code snippet not working: "#sppb-addon-1645097871383 .sppb-video-block.sppb-embed-responsive.sppb-embed-responsive-16by9 { height: 966px; width: 641px; }"

Note: The "" are not included in the code.

How can I display my video correctly in 9:16 format using CSS code? Or is there another way than CSS? Is the video player in PageBuilder up to date?

Greetings, Chris

Version PB: 5.3.2

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Ofi Khan
Ofi Khan
Accepted Answer
Support Agent 1 month ago #159504

Hello Christian

Apology for the inconvenience. Please share your administrator access and the page with video addon here to check the issue. Use the Hidden Content box to share the credentials. Make sure that you have a full site backup with you before sharing.

Best regards