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SP Page Builder 4 days ago


A doubt. We have created a page with a partition of 4 + 4 + 4 The intention is to put a module in each of them. But we see that when entering from a mobile device, it shows us one next to another. Shouldn't I show them one below the other? Can we put some CSS code to do this?

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Ofi Khan
Ofi Khan
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Support Agent 4 days ago

Hello AJCS

You can set the column size for tablet and mobile separately. On the front end editor, right click(on windows) or two-finger tap(on mac) and the context menu will open. Then go to coliumn options and set the column size. You can also set the order of the items in the column.

Screenshot at Jul 22 16-18-06.png

Screenshot at Jul 22 16-19-01.png

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