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Update: 7 Joomla Templates Receive Latest Components And Improvements

09 October 2020
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Update: 7 Joomla Templates Receive Latest Components And Improvements

The appearance of your website is a direct reflection of your business, so keeping up with web standards is important! If you are using one of our templates, you already know our templates are not only well equipped to make you thrive in your respective business but also keep up with the latest web trends. Yes, you’ve guessed that right! Today, we are here with yet another update. 7 of your favorite Joomla templates got updated with the latest components and improvements to make sure your site stays relevant, fast, and safe!

Here’s the list of updated Joomla templates:

  1. Fixter - Responsive Joomla Template for Home Maintenance and Handyman Service
  2. Finance - Premium Joomla Template for Finance, Corporate, and Agency Sites
  3. Melvin - Multipurpose Joomla Template for Business & Corporate Sites
  4. Hope - Joomla template for Charity, NGO, and Fundraising sites
  5. Rhino - Stunning Joomla Template for Business, Portfolio, and Creative Sites
  6. Floox - Multipurpose Joomla Template for Business, Corporate, and Agency Sites
  7. Aspasia - Responsive Joomla Template for Small Business and Portfolios Sites

What’s in This Update?

Take a look at the changelog to get a complete idea of this update.


  • Update: Latest version of Joomla v3.9.22
  • Update: Latest version of SP Page Builder v3.7.4
  • Update: All other necessary components & extensions updated
  • Fix: All overridden addon issues fixed
  • Fix: All minor issues fixed

Now that you have an idea of what this update is about, it's time to know these templates and their amazing features at a glance.

Fixter v1.3 

Fixter is a full-fledged Joomla template that includes everything you’ll need to create all kinds of home service websites like plumber, painter, carpenter, electrician, handyman, etc. This versatile template is built upon the Helix Ultimate framework and SP Page Builder Pro, and comes with 5 home page variations! It gives you the utmost customization flexibilities to build industry-leading websites for any home services.

Download FixterLive Demo

Finance v1.2

Best for financial institutions, consultancy firms, insurance companies, finance professionals, and other relevant agencies, Finance is an incredibly well performed Joomla template built on the Helix 3 framework and powered by SP Page Builder Pro. This feature-rich SEO optimized template comes with 3 home variations and all the essential features that you can use right out of the box to have your site up and running in no time!

Download FinanceLive Demo

Melvin v1.3

Melvin is a truly versatile, multi-purpose, and universal package for entrepreneurs, businesses of any scale, and services of any niche. It is a fully responsive, SEO optimized, and well-designed Joomla template that is built with the Helix 3 framework and SP Page Builder Pro. It comes with 2 homepage variations and extensive features to empower any business with a website that’s guaranteed to generate leads and conversions!

Download MelvinLive Demo

Hope v1.4

If you are running a charity or non-profit organization, this is the all-in-one solution for you! Hope is a responsive Joomla template dedicatedly built for non-profit, NGO, social agency, and other fundraising organizations. Built on the Helix 3 framework, Hope comes with amazing features like 2 home variations, dedicated donation addon, volunteers & causes pages, etc. and of course is powered by the mighty SP Page Builder Pro!

Download HopeLive Demo

Rhino v1.5

Rhino is another great multi-purpose Joomla template that lets you create websites for artists, designers, game development studios, marketing agencies, publishers, and any businesses. This premium template allows you to showcase portfolios, products (apps, games, handmade), offered services, news/blog posts, etc. and offers 6 homepage variations! Built with the Helix 3 framework and SP Page Builder Pro, you’ll definitely fall in love with the customization options and features Rhino offers.

Download RhinoLive Demo

Floox v1.8

If you are looking for a robust Joomla template that can be used by businesses, freelance artists, designers, photographers, marketing agencies, and affiliates, then this is the template for you! Floox comes with 5 homepage variations that are highly customizable and gives you the freedom to craft a modern website in no time. Powered by Helix 3, SP Page Builder Pro, and top-notch features, this one is a gem for any website developer.

Download FlooxLive Demo

Aspasia v2.3

Are you into arts and crafts? Then you’re going to love this one! Although Aspasia is a multi-purpose Joomla template it is specifically aimed towards people who love to create and is a great solution for any workshop, craftmanship, and all kinds of (art) business websites.

This amazing template also comes with Hikashop to give you all the necessary eCommerce functionalities.

Download AspasiaLive Demo

It’s your good old favorite Joomla templates but better! They are now packed with the latest components and a range of new improvements to help you stay on loop with the latest web trends. So, what are you waiting for? Update as soon as possible to enjoy the new features and don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section. Enjoy!

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