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8 Tips to Level up Your Joomla Site

23 October 2020
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8 Tips to Level up Your Joomla Site

 With thousands of websites being developed every day, it can be hard to ensure your site’s success. It is not something you can achieve overnight. You have to consistently work hard, manage and improve your website to stay on top of the game. If you own a Joomla site and are looking for ways to improve your site’s performance and visibility, then this post is for you!

The goal of today’s article is to equip you with the knowledge and share some amazing tips to level up your Joomla site and make a success of your career. Whether you run a website for your company or do freelancing, I’m sure you can take something from it and break through the barrier of mediocrity. 

With that being said, let’s dive right into it! 

Set up Reliable Backup for Your Joomla Site

Setting up a reliable backup will be your site’s life-savior. Backups are important in cases of website crashes and hacks and one of the quickest and best ways to restore your online business operations. 

If you own a Joomla site and still haven’t set up a backup for your site, trust me, you’re in danger!

To ensure a good backup plan, you should host your website in a reliable hosting company. 

Along with the hosting backup, you should also use Joomla extensions like Akeeba backup. These extensions allow you to create a secure copy of the whole website environment most quickly and easily. If this feels too daunting, we’ve created a step by step tutorial on how to back up your Joomla site and restore if you ever needed.

Optimize Your Joomla SEO and Metadata

Your site’s SEO should always be on top of the priority list. To boost your conversion and ranking, you have to optimize your SEO and metadata. You can optimize your SEO by improving your site’s content, user experience, speed, and using SEO extensions. Learn more about how to drive traffic to your Joomla site HERE

Metadata is also a key to make your site visible as it tells the search engines what a web page is all about. 

Joomla default meta is good enough for SEO friendliness, but to ensure the best for your website, you should go for extensions for that extra boost.  

Check the Joomla Extensions Directory for SEO & Metadata extensions to improve your site’s SEO and ranking. You can also read our pick on 5 best SEO extensions for Joomla websites.

Learn How to Do Joomla Template Overrides

You will often feel the need to make custom layout modifications. So, how do you do that? The technique that allows you to do that without touching your Joomla core files is called template overrides. To improve the outlook of your site, you need to know the basics of how to customize the output from Joomla components, modules, and plugins by applying this technique. 

It will give you the freedom to customize your site’s layout as you see fit. Please note when you use template overrides, the changes you make to your module or components will not be affected when you do upgrade. Great when you don't want the changes to be gone! 

Read the official Joomla documentation to learn how to do template overrides.

Improve Your HTML and Joomla CSS Skills

Having the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is significant for anybody who builds and manages a website. In Joomla, you will most likely need to change the code of articles, include custom HMTL modules, or adjust a layout. If you know some HTML, these things will be simple for you to do. 

Also, with the knowledge of CSS, you can easily customize the look and style of your site. 

If you want the look of your website to be consistent, you’ll frequently need to do some CSS tweaking. So on the off chance that you don't have the slightest idea about any CSS or HTML, better start learning now! Of course, if you're not interested in learning front-end programming languages, we've got your back. Our own SP Page Builder is a completely codeless solution to building pages and posts in Joomla. All you need to do is drag and drop what you want, and voila! Learn more about SP Page Builder or explore new blogs and tutorials on it today! 

W3 Schools is an incredible place for learning the essentials of HTML and CSS. 

Integrate a Newsletter Service With Joomla

We all know the secret to making more sales online is to develop relationships with your customers. A good relationship can gain you loyal customers and lead to more sales. On the other hand, a bad one could lose you a customer forever.

By emailing readers and customers regularly, you educate your audience about your business and keep them updated. 

It helps you develop trust and brand loyalty. You’ll find tons of newsletter extensions on Joomla Extension Directory. Use the one that suits your purpose the best. 

Most of our templates and layout bundles come with newsletter subscription support. If you’re using any of them, you won’t have to go through this extra hassle. 

Regularly Update Your Joomla Site

If you want to level up your Joomla site, you need to stay on top of site maintenance. It means keeping the Joomla core and all extensions up-to-date and removing unused extensions.

Update the Joomla core: Update your site to the latest version of Joomla as soon as it’s released to ensure your site’s security and top-notch performance. Every update has a new and improved codebase, so keeping your Joomla core update should be a priority.

Update Joomla extensions: Like Joomla core updates, extension updates also contain improved code to enhance the performance. If you don’t want your site to become vulnerable to malware and other security hacks, you need to keep your extensions up-to-date too. It will also improve your website’s performance and the user experience on your site.

Remove extensions that you don’t use: Old, unused extensions can not only become a security risk but also slows down your website. It increases the load times! So try to minimize the number of extensions you use and don’t forget to remove the unused, unnecessary ones. 

Use a Responsive, SEO Optimized Template

Having a website that looks and functions well only on the desktop isn’t good enough for the web anymore. In this day and age, people use their phones more to surf the internet. That is why it is extremely important to choose a template that is responsive, modern, and SEO optimized. 

If your current template is not mobile-friendly, it is time to replace it with a responsive one! JoomShaper’s templates, even the free ones are fully-responsive and customizable. And with the 120+ Joomla template collection, you will definitely find one for your niche to create professional Joomla websites. SEO is something that you can never stop improving, and for that reason, there are tons of resources available for you to improve it. Take a look at a few extensions that will help you improve your Joomla site's SEO and some general tips to tweak content to improve search rankings.

Connect Your Socials to Your Joomla Site

In this era of likes and shares, if you still haven’t connected your social media handles to your Joomla site, you are already behind. Not only for business sites but also for personal sites, it's essential to show your social activities to visitors. Let’s say you have a blog site, written many helpful articles, and they're worth sharing. But if the readers don’t see the social share buttons, your masterpieces won’t get the exposure it deserves. 

Integrating your Joomla site with social media channels will help you drive more traffic to your site.

It will also help advertise your products and content better. Install one of the many social share extensions available in the Joomla Extension Directory and start advertising your own social accounts and drive more audience.

Wrapping Up

Managing and improving a website requires patience, especially if you’re a beginner. So don’t give up! The time and effort you invest to better your Joomla site will benefit you in the long run. This article is an overall guideline to improve your existing Joomla site and stay an extra step ahead of your competitor. 

Did we miss anything? Feel free to share your feedback or tips with us in the comment section. Good day! 

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Ruhit Rafian

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