I know, this announcement comes as a big surprise to you. Our products empower you to think outside the box, and we always want to provide something more than you expect from us. That’s why today we’re presenting the second release candidate (RC 2) version of your beloved Helix Ultimate. This is just another step towards our journey to a robust stable version of the template framework.

Helix Ultimate RC 2 mainly focuses on fixes and improvements. It offers a better experience with the export-import feature, mega menu, media manager, comments, and more.  

Helix Ultimate RC 2 changelogs

  • Export-import issue fixed
  • Mega menu compatibility issue with Helix3 fixed
  • Media manager issue fixed
  • Blog image option issue fixed
  • Comment system changed
  • Removed Ajax plugin

Now we are a lot closer to the final stable release of Helix Ultimate. You all are invited to test this RC version and requested to share your feedback with us. Thanks in advance, happy developing!

System requirements

  • Joomla 3.8
  • PHP 5.6 or more
  • Fresh Joomla installation 

Don't use ‘Helix Ultimate RC 2’ in any of your live sites. Try it only with a fresh Joomla instance.

Release timeline

Take Helix Ultimate RC 2 to a test drive now