Last week, with the announcement of SP Page Builder’s Digital Agency layout bundle, we promised you to release more amazing layout bundles regularly. Today we’re here with another new layout bundle inside SP Page Builder 3.3.3 Pro update.

Let’s welcome Fashion, the gorgeously designed layout bundle ready for any type of fashion shop, boutique house, and garment portfolio website.  

The Fashion layout bundle consists of the following 5 inner pages.

  1. Home
  2. Our Story
  3. Product List
  4. Product Detail
  5. Contact


An eye-catching design with a clean and bold interface that lets you present your fashion business in a unique way. It hosts your featured product category, handpicked items, and a little bit from your company background.

Our Story

What keeps you so motivated to do what you love? How much passion it takes to run a business that works to make others look better? What’s your vision behind your endeavor? Tell all your stories on this page and engage your visitors.

Product List

To help the visitors find more on what you offer, here is the Product List page layout. It presents your products with visuals and descriptions along with links to the detailed pages.

Product Detail

It’s your best chance to convert the visitor into a paying customer. The product detail page tells everything about any particular product. So the potential customer can know its price, specifications, and other necessary information, and eventually, make a purchase.


Let the interested visitors contact your business by placing all the useful contact information including a map frame, contact form, newsletter subscription box, social media links etc.

How to access and import these layouts?

All of the SP Page Builder 3.3.3 Pro users upon confirming the license key, can access, explore and import the Fashion layout bundle right away.

In order to get the new layout bundle, you need to update your SP Page Builder Pro (to v3.3.3) first. You can access the layout packs from both the backend and the frontend. Since the frontend method shows everything live, here we’ll show a step by step guideline for the frontend method.

Step 1: Open Page Templates

After creating a page, (you can now create a page on the frontend) and opening it in editing mode, click on the “Page Templates” button.

Introducing Fashion layout bundle in SP Page Builder 3.3.3 Pro update
Or, from the left sidebar click “Layouts”.

Introducing Fashion layout bundle in SP Page Builder 3.3.3 Pro update

Step 2: Import a layout

Having done either of the above steps, it will pop up all the layout bundles of SP Page Builder and you can browse these layout bundles to find Fashion.

Introducing Fashion layout bundle in SP Page Builder 3.3.3 Pro update

Finally, click “Import” to use any page layout. Repeat these steps for importing multiple pages. Now you can customize these pages with your own contents.

Note: The demo images are for demonstration purpose only. Not for commercial use.

The Fashion layout bundle was the main attraction of SP Page Builder 3.3.3 update. Now that you know everything about Fashion. So I would put the other stuff about this update below.

Full changelog for SP Page Builder v3.3.3 Pro

  • New: Price List addon gutter responsive option added.
  • New: Opt-in Form addon button styling option added.
  • New: Image addon title padding option added.
  • New: Icons Group addon text styling option added.
  • Update: Article addon compatibility added with Helix Ultimate post format.
  • Fix: Carousel Pro full width issue fixed.
  • Fix: Open Street Map addon popup window special character issue fixed.
  • Fix: Open Street Map addon external marker URL issue fixed.
  • Fix: Timeline addon responsive issue fixed.
  • Fix: Image Overlay addon hover issue fixed.  

We believe you liked the Fashion layout bundle. Just don’t settle yet! We’ll be adding more new features and layout bundles of different categories regularly. Stay with us, share your thoughts, and enjoy.

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