It’s October 10, and we know, you are eagerly waiting for a new test version of your beloved SP Page Builder 2.0. Following the release timeline, today we are making the SP Page Builder 2.0 Beta available to download. As promised, we’ve added the long desired frontend editing feature to the tool.


This Beta version is an experimental release and not ready for production sites. We appreciate your interest in SP Page Builder 2.0. You are invited to test this Beta release, but DON’T use it on a production site.


Before releasing this Beta version, we’ve already released two alpha versions with lots of new features like Undo/Redo changes, enable/disable rows columns & addons, all new media manager, Access Control List support, Joomla article support and so on. Today we have another big surprise.

In today’s Beta version, SP Page Builder 2.0 gets frontend editing functionality. You’ve read that correct. We’ve added frontend editing ability to the SP Page Builder 2.0 Beta. We are the first in the world to bring frontend editing to a Joomla content construction kit. When we are releasing this version, SP Page Builder is the first and only Joomla page builder to offer the convenient frontend editing feature.


Benefits of Frontend Editing

There are many benefits of the frontend page building feature. It shows instant preview, saves time, and takes the ease of site development to the next level. With frontend editing ability, you can just visit your website and edit the page elements on the site’s frontend. See the effects of the changes live and make changes as you wish.

Frontend editing lets you edit a page without going to the backend area, so you don’t need to visit two different tabs to provide the input and check the output. You can make changes via the site frontend and see the outcome on the same page without going anywhere else. Thus it saves your time.



We strongly believe you will like the Beta version of SP Page Builder 2.0. Now let’s check the release timeline again.

  1. 09 September 2016 → SP Page Builder 2.0 Alpha 1
  2. 28 September 2016 → SP Page Builder 2.0 Alpha 2 (Joomla article support + Extensibility)
  3. 10 October 2016 → SP Page Builder 2.0 Beta (Frontend editing)
  4. 20 October 2016 → SP Page Builder 2.0 RC (Bug fix)
  5. 30 October 2016 → SP Page Builder 2.0 stable (Lot more new features)


Try it today on your test site or localhost and also provide us feedback to help us make the tool even better. This Beta version may feel a bit slower to you, but we promise to make it around 100% faster in the next version (RC).


Installation Tip / Warning

This version of SP Page Builder Beta release will work ONLY on fresh Joomla installations. So make sure that your test ground site has a fresh installation. Do not update previous version of SP Page Builder 1.0-1.4 with current version of component.


I swear I will not use it on a production/live website.


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