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JoomShaper’s 2022 Year in Review: A Fond Farewell to Another Year of Acing

29 December 2022
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JoomShaper’s 2022 Year in Review: A Fond Farewell to Another Year of Acing

Howdy folks! It once again is almost time to wrap up yet another endless but fleeting year! As we inch closer to bidding farewell to a year full of splendid accomplishments and bittersweet fizzles, we want to walk you through some of the achievements that warmed our hearts this year.

But before sneaking you right into our success stories, we want to take a moment to thank all our precious users and fans for all your valuable contributions to JoomShaper and for helping us grow and thrive as a company. We truly value your input and appreciate the role you have played in helping us succeed.

And with that being said, let's take a look at what this year for JoomShaper looked like, and start the ride through our reminiscence lane!

Flashback to JoomShaper’s 2022

2022 has been a fabulous year of achievements! With new users joining, the launch of exciting products like SP Page Builder 4, and the announcement of the upcoming SP Page Builder’s own eCommerce molded this year into the picture-perfect form that we looked forward to. And amidst all the accomplishments, we thank all of you for your constant support and we hope to continue on this exciting journey together.

Curtains Raised on SP Page Builder 4 Stable Version

SP Page Builder 4

After numerous experimental releases, the stable version of the much-awaited SP Page Builder 4 finally made its way to your doorstep. Our core emphasis was to make your website-building journey smarter, better, and easier. And keeping that vision ahead of us, we could finally shape SP Page Builder 4 into what we perceived it to be. We promise to continue making SP Page Builder the best of its kind on this journey. 

Some of the notable features are as follows:

  • Intuitive front-end dashboards with filter functionality
  • 4 new functional addons
  • Customize anything at any stage with Layers
  • Resize and configure column width by dragging the column boundary
  • Option to add images from external URLs
  • Improved the URL routing system
  • And many more!

Special thanks go to all our precious users for being a part of our success story. Like always, your constant and constructive feedback and support catalyzed JoomShaper and SP Page Builder 4’s success and growth this year!

The News of SP Page Builder With its Own eCommerce Takes the Stage

SP Page Builder With Its Own eCommerce

This year the news of SP Page Builder with its own eCommerce has been phenomenal for our SP Page Builder community. As we believe in keeping our users' convenience at the top of our priority list, we decided to harness SP Page Builder with its own eCommerce to fully help you build your envisioned online store. With this new development, you will no longer need to use any external extensions to create an eCommerce site using SP Page Builder. And we absolutely loved the warm responses we received from your end!

Here are some of eCommerce’s prospective features that you can avail of:

  • Automatically Track Inventory
  • Ship Your Products Worldwide
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Evaluate the Performance of Your Business
  • Set Your Preferred Currency & Weight Units
  • And more!

Check out our blog post HERE to learn more about all the exciting features!

6 Impressive Templates For Your Joomla Site

6 New Impressive Joomla Templates

We had committed ourselves to continue to release new templates that meet the latest design standards and provide our users with the best possible user experience. Keeping the promise alive, we have released 6 stunningly beautiful Joomla templates throughout the year that our users absolutely loved and received thousands of downloads. 

Here are some of the templates released this year:

  1. Nuron
  2. Maestro
  3. Travelin
  4. Artion

9 New Layout Packs Greeted into the Layout Bundle Family

9 New Layout Packs

This year too, 9 brand-new layout packs made their way into our layout bundle family. These new layout bundle packs are fully responsive with stunning color palettes and designs that will not only speed up your development process tenfolds but also embellish your online presence just the way you want!

Check ​​out some of the popular layout bundles that have been released this year:

  1. Physiotherapy
  2. Political party
  3. Home Decor
  4. Law firm
  5. NGO

SP Page Builder and Helix Fortified With Numerous Updates

SP Page  Builder & Helix Updated

Throughout the year, your favorite Joomla framework and webpage-building tool received several updates. SP Page Builder 4 started receiving updates shortly after the stable release in July and has already received 4 major updates comprising bug fixes, new feature additions, and overall performance improvements. The mighty Helix Ultimate and Helix 3 also received performance enhancements, bootstrap support, the latest PHP compatibilities, and more in a total of 7 updates.

Along with SP Page Builder 4, SP Page Builder 3 has been sharpened 7 times throughout the year ensuring sharper and smoother performance. While SP Page Builder 4 will be given priority when it comes to updates, we also have plans chalked out in place for SP Page Builder 3. Check it out HERE in case you have missed it!

Revamped JoomShaper Website

Revamped JoomShaper Website

Another major change on our plate this year is the redesign of the JoomShaper website. The new vibrant interface and user-friendly ambiance of the website have been elaborately thought out to give our visitors a vivid idea about what our products can offer. Along with the polished look and feel we have also emphasized the smooth functionality and ease of use for our users. Check out our updated website HERE and see it speak for itself!

Many Joomla Templates & Extensions Got Joomla 4 Compatibility

Joomla Templates & Extensions Got Joomla 4 Compatibility

Right from the beginning of the year, we started rolling out updates for our templates and extensions that required minor or major fixes along with the latest Joomla compatibility. Many of our extensions and templates have already received Joomla 4 compatibility and the number is still counting!

Here are some of the popular templates that have been updated:

  • Hope
  • ​​Finance
  • ​​Floox
  • Educon
  • And more!

Joomla Tutorials and Tips

Throughout the year, we have published a large number of helpful Joomla tutorials that have been well-received and beneficial to many of you. Special thanks to our JoomShaper community for always putting forward your constructive suggestions and feedback to help us improve and grow as a company. Feel free to explore our treasury of Joomla blogs to get your hands on the various Joomla tips and tutorials. 

Some of the noteworthy tutorials are:

  1. How to Create Mega Menu Using Helix Ultimate in Joomla
  2. How to Make The Most Out of New Joomla 4 Web Accessibility Features
  3. A Complete Guideline on the All-New SP Page Builder 4 Feature: Layers
  4. Exceed Your Web-Building Boundaries With SP Page Builder Interaction & Animation

New Updated Documentation

With the release of SP Page Builder 4, we have also sketched out its complete documentation separately. More than 100 new documents have been released this year and SP Page Builder 4 alone consists of 90+ documents. Check out our SP Page Builder Documentation page where we have sectioned out the documents for Addons, Media, Interactions & Animations, etc separately for your convenience. We hope that these resources have been helpful for you in learning more about SP Page Builder 4 and its capabilities. 

Our Team Strengthened With More New Talents

On our journey to ensure our customers with more revolutionary products, our team has always been the frontline support. With an extraordinary base of exceptional product designers, professional web application developers, content developers, marketing professionals, and experienced support engineers we believe we can enhance the Joomla web community for everyone. We have continued to strengthen our team by adding talented individuals, resulting in a 26% increase this year.

New Year, New Goals

As we enter a new year, it's time for us to set new goals for ourselves. We have come a long way over the past year, overcoming challenges and achieving our targets. In the coming year, we are committed to building upon this success and focusing on improving our existing products to better serve our customers. With several exciting Joomla products in the pipeline, we are excited to continue delivering high-quality solutions that exceed our customers' expectations. We look forward to another year of growth and success as we work towards realizing our limitless goals.

This year has been an amazing one for us. As more hopes and dreams fill our realm of wishes, we look forward to the opportunity to turn them into reality slowly but steadily. We learned that the best way to usher in the new is by keeping our heads high up and looking forward to a future with endless possibilities.

We promise to give back to our JoomShaper community with more revolutionary Joomla products and ease up your web-building experiences tenfolds! Our jocund team will surely be back with more delectable updates and fixes for you to enjoy. And on that note, we wish you all a wonderful year ahead full of achievements, health, and fulfilled dreams!

Don’t forget to let us know how this year has been for you in the comments. Happy new year 2023!



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4 weeks ago
To be honest, I have a strong sense of betrayal this year, and I am growing dissatisfied.

I also spoke on the forum.

Paid templates should be updated at least once every six months.

In fact, some of my current templates haven't been updated in over two years.

Even if I change to another template, the template is not updated and a problem occurs and I am very confused.

That's why I was worried, but this year I persevered and renewed my license.

But if this situation continues, I will break up with 'joomshaper'.

I hope next year we will be able to understand the feelings of our users.
4 weeks ago
Sorry but i have to say that your Text is a big bang to the head for a lot of US.

We truly value your input and appreciate the role you have played in helping us succeed.

If you would do so you would never bring up sppb4 with Tons of Bugs and Front editing only. Nobody asked for a frontend only. For me a big year of headache because i have to learn how to build up Websites with WordPress because your Tool will not fit my needs as a developer in the Future. Gonna make this decision when my subscription is about to run out. If sppb4 is still in this shape like now i have to say goodbye and thank you for 5 years and over 100 Websites i have built uo with IT.
Viktor Chashkov
Viktor Chashkov
4 weeks ago
Thanks to the JoomShaper team for the informative review, I wish you success in the new year!
Together Technology
4 weeks ago
Got to agree with Kweb, sppb4 was like a giant middle finger to the existing customer base, it’s not something that we’d consider being proud of. I even took the step of not upgrading customer sites from 3x (and even downgrading others) because 4 is so poorly made and unintuative to use.

Please take the flood of poor feedback in the forums as a wake up call, and rethink the complete redesign of the product, you threw away a perfectly functional product in favour of this buggy mess.

Like above I’m debating a complete departure from the Joomla ecosystem as well because the quality of this product, which was one of the only decent ones on the market has fallen so sharply.
Ugur Uygur
Ugur Uygur
3 weeks ago
I agree!
3 days ago
Goodbye sppb. Hello quix

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