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JoomShaper’s 2023 Year in Review: Turning the Pages Through This Year’s Chronicles

27 December 2023
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JoomShaper’s 2023 Year in Review: Turning the Pages Through This Year’s Chronicles

Can you believe we're on the brink of a new year again? While it's true that time depicts the beauty of impermanence, it also offers us a canvas for fresh beginnings, a chance to reflect on our journey, and the promise of untold possibilities in the chapters yet to unfold.

As the year draws to a close, it’s time for a recap of everything we’re thankful for this year and an invitation for you to stroll through the corridor of time with us!

What Tales Unfolded for JoomShaper This Year

This year has been a remarkable journey for us! As we took initial tentative steps forward, we embraced a renewed perspective, gradually sensing our progress turning into confident strides. From launching a groundbreaking eCommerce solution to revamping our advanced Joomla page builder, while also managing various tasks on our to-do list, we've traversed quite a distance.

So let’s begin with the chronicle of our achievements this year!

EasyStore Brings a New Dawn for Joomla eCommerce

JoomShaper Year End Review

This year, we turned the dream of having Joomla eCommerce right at your fingertips into a reality. EasyStore was revealed and kicked into high gear, working wonders right from the start!

The grand launch of EasyStore was met with such enthusiasm from our amazing users, and we can't thank you enough for the fantastic response. And why wouldn’t it be fantastic? EasyStore is a one-man army when it comes to handling tasks such as product creation, adding product variants, tracking and updating inventory, and managing store essentials like currency, shipping, and tax. All this is geared towards letting you breeze through even the trickiest tasks with ease!

We have also started adding video tutorials for our users to get a better grasp of the core features of EasyStore. You can check out our video tutorials from here.

SP Page Builder 5 Redefined Your Joomla Page Building Odyssey

JoomShaper Year End Review

This year proudly kicks off the journey of SP Page Builder 5, and let me tell you, it's been quite the kickoff! After investing a significant chunk of time in relentless efforts to align SP Page Builder 5 with our users' expectations in terms of functionalities and effortlessness, we were thrilled to set sail finally!

Our team, backed by the constructive feedback of our users, poured their hearts into shaping SP Page Builder 5 into its current form. Our gratitude will always be by our users’ side!

Let’s take a look at some of the features that made SP Page Builder 5 truly extraordinary:

  • The Backend Editor Made a Triumphant Return: SP Page Builder 5 is dedicated to the backend editor! The butter smooth functionalities, stunning visual appeal, the inclusion of new features, and all other small but significant upgrades converted it into a treasure trove for our users!
  • Addition of Font Book to Keep Your Fonts Organized: Font Book came into the picture to make dealing with your fonts a breeze. The concept was to let users handpick the fonts they wanted to play around with and install only those. And we absolutely loved the warm responses we received from your end!
  • Generative AI Added Wings to Limitless Possibilities: We decided not to lag behind in the race of AI integrations. Thanks to the magic of Generative AI, SP Page Builder users can now create wonders, that too, in a snap!
  • New Rich Text Editor to Simplify the Text Content Creation: Recognizing the need for a better and simpler text editor for SP Page Builder, we set out to turn that vision into reality – and we did just that. This new Rich Text Editor proved to be a simplified solution for our users and we are still on the move, sharpening the edges of Rich Text Editor!
  • 12 New and Vibrant Additions Made to the Pre-made Blocks Family: We knew it had been a while since we last rolled out pre-made blocks. Hence, amid our crazy schedule, we are glad we could sneak in 12 new SP Page Builder Pro's Pre-made Blocks to our existing collection of pre-made sections! 
  • Introduced Page-specific permission control (ACL): SP Page Builder also handed over the key to you to set permissions for your pages individually. You can now flex the power of Page-specific permission control (ACL), amping up your content's security.

But that's not all. If you wish to explore the vast possibilities that SP Page Builder comes with check out our website!

9 Fresh Templates Embraced Warmly

JoomShaper Year End Review

While juggling various commitments, we haven't overlooked the significance of providing our users with fresh templates. This year we've introduced nine new templates spanning different genres to our continually growing Joomla template collection. It's worth mentioning that 3 of these templates came fortified with EasyStore, to help you take your Joomla eCommerce journey to the next level.

Our released templates powered by EasyStore:

  1. Allura
  2. Jewels
  3. Kreativa

Our regular templates released this year: 

  1. Sphere
  2. Event Planner
  3. Savor
  4. Fusion
  5. Investa
  6. Celestia

7 New Layout Bundles Joined the Pack

JoomShaper Year End Review

This year, we have also added 9 fresh layout packs to our layout bundle family! These new members cover different niches and come with fantastic color combos and designs. Import any pages you like and speed up your Joomla page development effortlessly!

Here’s the list of the layout bundles that have been released this year:

  1. Architectural Firm
  2. Tech Agency
  3. Community Club
  4. Laundromat
  5. Woodland
  6. Cake & Bakery
  7. Renovation

All Our Community Support Now Unified Under One Roof

JoomShaper Year End Review

As we kept rolling out innovative Joomla products, the demand for individual product-based Facebook community pages continued to grow. This led us to the decision of uniting the entire community under one roof, and what better roof than the JoomShaper community? For streamlined communication and efficient handling of your queries, all our community pages have now merged into the JoomShaper community. Stay tuned to the JoomShaper Facebook Community page for the latest news and updates!

Nia - Our AI-Based Technical Support Assistant Took Form

JoomShaper Year End Review

This year, we decided to try out Nia, an experimental AI-based Technical Support Assistant designed to offer our users basic information. Although Nia has the potential to become an excellent technical assistant, it currently lacks a deep understanding of our products. We acknowledge this limitation and assure you that the system will steadily improve. We truly appreciate your patience as we enhance Nia's capabilities.

Proudly Sponsored Joomla Day to Keep the Joomla Spirit Aglow

JoomShaper Year End Review

Continuing our longstanding tradition, JoomShaper proudly backed the global Joomla event this year. Just as in previous years, we extended our sponsorship to Joomla Day, France, to keep inspiring the community to thrive, connect, and contribute to the vibrant world of Joomla. And we hope to keep supporting the Joomla events in the future as well. 

Venturing Into a New and Hopeful Year

As we eagerly approach the new year, our biggest wish is for 2024 to bring even more joy to everyone in our beloved Joomla and JoomShaper community. The signs are promising, especially when we reflect on the remarkable recovery we've experienced this year.

In wrapping up this post, we want to, once again, convey heartfelt gratitude for joining us on this annual journey. Wishing you a happy new year filled with love, laughter, and great camaraderie! From the entire JoomShaper team, Happy Holidays!



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Fernando Bautista
5 months ago
Cordial saludo a todos.

Me siento muy bien primero de elegir Joomla, de elegir a JoomShaper y de hacer parte de esta bonita comunidad donde nuestras sugerencias son escuchadas siempre y cuando seamos respetuosos y tratemos de ayudarnos todos.

Es entendible que existen dificultades en los productos desarrollados y que algunos usuarios pierden la paciencia cuando se trata de obtener soluciones inmediatas al tiempo que es entendible que JoomShapper no puede en algunos momentos poner a los usuarios y sus sitios web como conejillos de indias, de hay la importancia de capacitar a los usuarios en el manejo de sitios web clonados y asi crear cultura de la prevención ojala se enfoquen en este aspecto.

Por lo demas, felicitar a JoomShapper por su arduo trabajo, nos queda la anecdota de nuestra lucha por el regreso del Backend en SPPB5 el cual para satisfaccion de todos, fue un gran acierto haciendo ver la importancia de escuchar los usuarios y sus sugerencias.

A todos muchas gracias y deseando feliz año y prospero 2014 porque debemos seguir adelante, nunca para atras. Exitos.
Muntasir Sakib
Muntasir Sakib
4 months ago
Thank you for your gracious feedback. I trust your commencement of 2024 has been favorable.

I appreciate your acknowledgment of our recommendation regarding user training to facilitate a smoother transition to the enhanced experience. Our team is diligently crafting tutorials to ensure users become adept at navigating the updated features. Anticipate more valuable additions in the days ahead.
4 months ago
With PageBuilder 5 a lot has improved this year - Thank you! My whish for 2024: Finally fix the PageBuilder Article Integration so it is comfortably usable again ... :-)
Muntasir Sakib
Muntasir Sakib
4 months ago
I hope kicking off 2024 was a blast for you. Thank you for your kind words. There are a lot more exciting enhancements and features to be introduced in the coming days. We appreciate you chose JoomShaper.
2 months ago
Good start of 2024 for Joomshaper!

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