Layout bundles in SP Page Builder are attracting enormous attention, thanks to the ease of uses. We see a spike in user interest on our support channels after the release of each layout bundle. Since we strive to provide our customers what they love and find useful, today we’re launching another layout bundle. Here comes Coffee Shop, the brand new layout bundle in SP Page Builder 3.3.7 Pro for coffeehouse, café, and relevant businesses.

The Coffee Shop layout bundle comes with the following 5 inner pages.

  1. Home
  2. Menu
  3. Gallery
  4. About
  5. Contact


A stylish, practical homepage design is a must for a Coffeehouse (café) to shine on the web. It has a great positive impact on any physical coffee shop business in modern world. This layout bundle is crafted keeping that in mind. It offers a stunning resourceful homepage showcasing a complete business image.


For any food or beverage business, the menu and opening hours are two of the most important types of information people care about. The Coffee Shop layout bundle includes a dedicated page for this.


You know, an image can tell more than thousands of words. That’s why we’ve included a dedicated Gallery page in the Coffee Shop layout bundle. The gallery thumbs are well organized in a creative arrangement. Visitors can click and zoom each item instantly.


The About page showcases the business values, core practices, chefs, customer testimonials and few call-to-actions. Also, you can place a video on this page to better describe what you want to tell.


The coffee lovers might want to stop for a moment and say Hi to the shop online. Let the interested ones reach out with a contact form. You can put a map frame, physical address details, phone number, an email address etc. on this page.

How to access and import these layouts?

All of the SP Page Builder 3.3.7 Pro users upon confirming the license key, can access, explore and import the Coffee Shop layout bundle right away.

In order to get the new layout bundle, you need to update your SP Page Builder Pro (to v3.3.7) first. You can access the layout packs from both the backend and the frontend. Since the frontend method shows everything live, here we’ll see a step by step guideline for the frontend method.

Step 1: Open Page Templates

After creating a page, (you can now create a page on the frontend) and opening it in editing mode, click on the “Page Templates” button.

Importing page template in SP Page Builder step by step

Or, from the left sidebar click “Layouts”.

Importing page template in SP Page Builder step by step

Step 2: Import a layout

Having done either of the above steps, it will pop up all the layout bundles of SP Page Builder and you can browse these layout bundles to find Coffee Shop. Click on the thumb. 

Importing page template in SP Page Builder step by step

Finally, click “Import” to use any page layout inside the bundle. Repeat these steps for importing multiple pages. Now you can customize these pages with your own contents. Please remember, if you have trouble finding it, try clearing the cache of your Joomla website. To do so, go to System > Clear Cache > Delete All. 

Note: The demo images are for demonstration purpose only. Not for commercial use.

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I’m quite sure that you will find this layout bundle useful for many of your clients’ projects and/or may be for your own endeavor as well. Whatever the application, our best wishes are always with your development activities and business. Please let us know your feedback via comments. Happy developing.