You all know, last week we have released SP Page Builder 3 Alpha 1. We are continuously working after that to introduce more advanced trendy features in SP Page Builder 3. As scheduled, today we are going to release the Alpha 2 version of SP Page Builder 3. We are very much delighted and incredibly inspired after receiving so much appreciation and suggestions from our valued user community. Many of our users took their valuable time to test SP Page Builder 3 Alpha 1 to make it even more perfect. And, as promised, to give you the best development tool, we are going to introduce the new Shape Divider system with SP Page Builder 3.

We have introduced eleven different types of shapes with the Shape Divider. Also, there are some amazing functionalities come with the Shape Divider that you can use to customize the existing shapes and make one in your own desired way.

Shape Divider

Following are the eleven shapes you can use right now. In the stable release of SP Page Builder 3, we will introduce more exciting shapes.

  • Cloud Flat
  • Cloud Opacity
  • Paper Torn
  • Pointy Wave
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Single Wave
  • Slope Opacity
  • Slope
  • Wave3 Opacity
  • Drip
  • Turning Slope

Structurally, these are highly customizable SVG shapes. You can easily optimize them and turn into your own designed ones. Also, some amazing controls are introduced with this shapes which you can use to manipulate the existing shapes and change the structure. Add different shapes to the top and bottom of website sections. You can invert and flip the shapes with the controls as well.


How Shape Divider controls work?

The Shape Divider works very simply and loads very fast whenever you need them. In the Style section of every row’s settings, you will find the controls for your top and bottom section’s shape. To add a new shape, you have to enable Shape. Choose your desired shape and adjust the height and weight of the shape. You can also flip or invert the shape position. You need to do all these for the top and bottom sections of the row separately.

Responsive controls

You must be wondering how you can make these shapes responsive to various devices. Well, we have covered the ground for you. In shape control (Row Settings > Style) you can directly switch to various devices and see the shape position in various devices and modify things accordingly.

Customize font styles

Now you can make changes to the styles of the title texts easily. Changing the font weight and making it more eye catchy is now easier than ever right from the addon’s editing interface.

Release timeline

Here is the release timeline for SP Page Builder 3.0.

Installation tips

This version of SP Page Builder 3 Alpha release will work ONLY on fresh Joomla installations. So please ensure that your test site has a fresh installation. Do not use this Alpha version to upgrade to the future stable version of SP Page Builder (even if it was uninstalled).


  • Fresh Joomla 3.8 version
  • PHP 64 bit & PHP 7.0

I swear I will not use this Alpha version on a production/live site.

So, why wait? Experience SP Page Builder 3 now! And please, don’t forget to let us know your valuable feedback after having a test drive with SP Page Builder 3.0 Alpha 2. You can share your opinion, thoughts and bug reports here.

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