Your main goal for webpages is to draw visitors’ attention and inspire them to convert. Interactions are one of the most effective elements on the site to do that. This is why UX/UI designers are adding interactive and animated elements to the pages to look more appealing and draw visitors’ attention. Effects like tilting, moving, rotating, and others can make your site more lively and make people stay on the site longer.

The success of your website largely depends on how long visitors stay on the site. Interactions, in this case, can play a greater role. Interactions also come handy when it comes to exposing a particular feature to visitors. Whether you are showcasing a physical product or services on your site, interactions can help you achieve your goal.

Having all these in mind, we brought interactions in SP Page Builder Pro. Our target is not only to help you build better websites but also to help you achieve your goals with them. Today, we will dig deeper into SP Page Builder interactions and give you some compelling reasons to use them on your site.

What are SP Page Builder Interactions?

SP Page Builder interactions have proven to be one of the striking features. Since being introduced in the middle of 2019, it has been used in plenty of sites. People loved building interactive sites for their clients too. It overwhelmed many of the users. 

Simply awesome! I love it when I can make my client’s sites stand out and also wow them. Thanks to the team!

Tom Fullen

Designing a good interactive site is not as easy as you might imagine. SP Page Builder made it a piece of cake for Joomla sites. SP Page Builder Pro’s interactions and animations bring the power of CSS and JavaScript into a completely visual tool, empowering you to build complex, rich animations without writing code.

SP Page Builder Pro takes you beyond the ordinary flat page layouts through scrolling and mouse effects with the interaction effects such as move, scale, rotate, skew, opacity, blur, and 3D Tilt.

Why Should You Design Web Pages With Interaction Effects?

As we mentioned earlier, having interaction effects on your website can benefit you in many different ways.

Visitors Love Interactive Pages

Websites only with traditional flat designs do not fit into the modern age anymore. People want pages to be interactive, appealing, more importantly, pleasing to their eyes. This is why websites with interaction effects get all the attention. 

Decrease Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of the website is what everybody is worried about. The less your bounce rate the better your business will be. Despite having quality content on the site, your visitors may not find it interesting to stay. Because after all, it all comes down to presentation. If you present content on your pages with interactions, people will be glued to your website and your site’s bounce rate will be decreased significantly.

More Chances for Conversion

Interactions on your site entertain your visitors. Besides your content, they too can work to increase the conversion rate. Make sure you add the right effects to the right content. A wide variety of interaction effects in SP Page Builder help you achieve that goal.

No doubt the conversion largely depends on the presentation and the quality of your services and products. Interactions will help you present them smartly.

Highlight Features and Services

The best part of interaction effects is that they can highlight the features and services. When done it right, visitors can easily notice the important features while scrolling a page. It’s like point a visitor to a particular part of your page.

After the design, interactions can play a great role in drawing visitors’ attention to a particular feature. You can explore some of our Joomla templates and learn how features are highlighted with interactions.

Beautify Your Web Pages

Most importantly, interactions beautify your web pages and bring elegance to their content. A landing page with interaction effects will be more appealing to the visitors. In modern days, interaction effects are used to beautify web pages. Best of all, your site visitors will not be bored. They will enjoy scrolling and playing around with the effects your webpages provide.

Joomla Templates With Interaction Effects

We have developed some amazing templates with interaction effects on their pages. Some of the most important ones are mentioned in the list below.

SP Page Builder Layout Bundles With Interaction Effects

We also created some wonderful layout bundles with interaction effects. Check some of the layout packs below.

With the introduction of interaction effects in SP Page Builder, Joomla users can create beautiful pages with numerous interaction effects. SP Page Builder interactions enable you to use different effects and apply them on different pages. You can take your website design to the next level once you add interaction effects to them. Use SP Page Builder Pro and create amazing web pages on Joomla easily. Good luck.

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