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Updated Last: 04 July 2024

Technical Requirements

Installing Joomla 4 and the QuickStart package requires a server (Linux / Apache), but it can be installed also locally on your computer with WAMP/JAMP/XAMPP/MAMP software. Please make sure your system meets the following requirements:

  • PHP 8.0, PHP 8.1+
  • PHP: memory_limit: 256 MB or 512M or higher
  • PHP: post_max_size: 128M or higher
  • PHP: upload_max_filesize: 30M or higher (but do not set unlimited value "-1")
  • PHP: max_execution_time = 300 (or more is suggested)
  • MySQL 8+ or MariaDB 10+
  • cURL library - your server must work with curl or url_fopen.
  • OpenSSL Libraries - must be enabled.
  • PHP file_get_contents() function - must be available/unlocked.

Note: Support for PHP 7 ended (!). Change the PHP version from cPanel or change the hosting company.

* Those values can be changed in php.ini or .htaccess file. Please contact your web hosting service provider to ask them where/how to change PHP settings.

In addition, some features of the modules and components** used in a template may require:

  • GD library support
  • cURL library support
  • Support for mb_* functions in PHP to use multibyte strings

**More information you can find inside SP Page Builder documentation.

Remember to restart Apache (localhost only) after configuration changes.

Browsers support


Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Edge (Chromium-based), and Dissenter

  • Design support for Edge (old version) may be limited in certain areas. Please update to a new version.
  • Design support for IE11 and IE10 is limited in certain areas. Please update to Edge (based on Chromium) or use custom CSS IE Hacks if necessary.

Notice: Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for Internet Explorer 11.