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Updated Last: 06 September 2020

Home Page

Innovate Joomla template offers home variations for 3 different purposes related to business.  All of them were created using SP Page Builder Pro 3.x component.

  1. Medical Application: Innovate comes with a dedicated home variation for medical applications. It offers an eye-catching hero section having a newsletter subscription form. Display features in different sections, have videos, and do many more with a well-designed home layout.
  2. Marketing Application: It can be used for a marketing application and other related products. This layout brings areas for features, customer testimonials, integration, and more. Make your product landing page conversion friendly. Display tools that your application can easily integrate with.
  3. Laundry Application: Innovate gives you an informative home layout to showcase your laundry application. Share screens to display how it looks and works. Tell more about the features with visuals and text descriptions.

Home pages in the menu

You can easily choose which one should be your default Home page (yellow star in the menu) or even create your own design and assign it to the menu as well.

menu items - home

Front-end Editor

Home page you can edit using SP Page Builder front-end editor, of course, first you have to be logged as Super User. From front-end editor, you have access to all settings, even more than from the back-end editor.

home front-end editor

Back-end (Admin) Editor

Using back-end (admin) editor you can edit all elements (addons, rows, etc.)

home admin editor