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Updated Last: 04 October 2018

Template Demo Appearance

You may ask: "How to make my site look like the Demo" and the answer is quite simple. There are two ways to make your own site to look exactly like our Demo product:

  1. The Quickstart installation is the best solution if you are building a brand new website and you want to achieve the same look as the one in the template demo. Download from our site package (moview_quickstart_j3.zip) which includes: Joomla 3+, template, modules, components, plugins and sample data. The Quickstart package is a complete website. Install the quickstart package like any other Joomla installation and  then change our demo texts and images.
  2. The Manual installation is preferred if you just want to install the template to an existing website which already has some content. However, keep in mind that when you install the template to an existing website, you will also have to reconfigure your modules because the new template has different module positions. If you have a site with your own content, that already exists, you have to install the template and all related extensions.

demo image boxThe images shown in the live preview are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the download package. Due to license QuickStart package contain mostly only image placeholders (Pictures with JoomShaper logo inside). Unfortunately but we cannot include in Quickstart package all photos from original Template Demo. We assume that our customers have (or should have) their own photos, which better fit to real website purposes. First online impression is the most important, so please use a high quality and legal photos.

Note! Template package (~2,8 MB) doesn't include any modules/plugins nor demo content. If you manually installed the template on your existing setup, you will have to manually create each article and install & set all modules to suit your needs using our example settings. So if you are not advanced user please install the template Quickstart (~75 MB) on your testing ground/environment, just to get more insights on sample content and advanced usage. You don't have to use demo content to build your own website, demo-dummy content is only for showing a features of current template and included components.