NEWEDGE template (and QuickStart package) for Joomla 3.4+, is awesome looking, premium and highly functional Magazine purposes layout. It allows you quickly set up your newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. Newedge can be used for any news niche such as tech, gossip, politics, sports, health, games, fashion and much more. But modern, full of features and flexible design can be used to create any other website.

General Information

First, Thank you for purchasing our digital product. We are happy that you are one of our customers and we assure you won't be disappointed as well. We do our best to produce top notch templates with great functionality, premium designs and readable code. Before you get started we highly encourage you to get familiar with this documentation section. Spending several minutes reading the manual may save lot's of your time and avoid questions with obvious answers.

To use this template you must be running on Joomla 3.4+ or higher, PHP 5.4 or higher. Please contact your web hosting service provider to be sure your server complies with the requirements.

Following guide contains the basic configuration settings for the Newedge Joomla 3 template. Using these information you will be able to configure your template when you cannot use the Quickstart package. This template has been based on Helix3 Framework  (more). 

Download  |  Demo

Demo appearance

To recreate exactly the template  demo design, you will have to install the Quickstart. Downloaded from our site package ( includes: Joomla 3+, template, modules, components, plugins and sample data. By using this package, you will have a complete site look like on demo site. Due to license QuickStart package contain mostly only image placeholders (Pictures with JoomShaper logo inside). Unfortunately but we cannot include in our Quickstarts package all photos from original Template Demo. Presented images are not licensed to be a part of the JS Quickstart. But we assume that our customers have (or should have) their own photos, which better fit to real website purposes. First online impressions are important, so please use good quality and legal photos. Of course if you really want, for temporary period you can keep some images which we used in QS.

 no images

Note! Template package (2,4 MB) do not include any modules/plugins nor demo content. If you manually installed the template on your existing setup, you will have to manually create each article and install & set all modules to suit your needs using our example settings. So if you are not advanced user please install the template Quickstart (85 MB) on your testing ground/environment, just to get more insights on sample content and advanced usage. You don't have to use demo content to build your own website, demo-dummy content is only for showing a features of current template and included components.

How to install Quickstart

  1. Unfortunately, it is not possible to install the Quickstart package inside an existing Joomla installation via the Extension Manager, because the Quickstart also includes the Joomla! CMS itself. This package is strictly for use with a new Joomla! installation to provide you with a duplicate of our demo for that particular template.
  2. You can install Quickstart just like a typical Joomla 3.x installation process (step by step).
  3. Unzip Quickstart package to get separate folders and files before sending to server.
  4. Please do not use "admin" as a your default Super Admin Username (!). Use something more unique during installation process (security reasons!).
  5. In most cases we suggest to use a new/fresh database (MySQL 5+) for all QS installations.



In template demo we used Google Fonts named: Montserrat for whole main typography including headers and menu. Check template Typography tab inside Newedge template settings, of course you can set your own font-family. More information about it you can find >> here <<.


Homepage Layout

The following screenshot shows the detail of NewEdge template settings of "Home" page with list of the addons used in the demo content configuration. Please note, Home page was built using SP Page Builder (PRO), but you can use layout structure (with only modules!) to build similar appearance. Of course redesign using SP Page Builder component is much faster and easier.

Here is default "Home" layout created in SP Page Builder Pro (tool provided by JoomShaper):


Home Variation 2 - Page Layout

Here is 2nd Home variant layout created in SP Page Builder Pro (tool provided by JoomShaper):


NewEdge Slider

As you might seen above and on demo site on home page - Joomshaper designer used a new type of Slider in SP Page Builder. Let's check its features and demo settings.

Few facts: In Newedge slider addon we used Featured articles from any category with their images added in Helix Blog Options tab.

newedge slider settings


Newedge Module Positions

The following screen-shot highlights the default layout module positions that we used in current template. By using Layout builder in Helix3 users will be able to move positions or change their size. Our in-build layout builder from template settings provide the opportunity to add new positions, columns, rows wherever you need as much as moving elements.


Blog Listing & Image Settings

There are default (demo) settings for images dimentions:


Those sizes especially "Thumbnail Image Size" is used also for featured images in "Helix Blog Options" in article edit mode.

images featured


Used Extensions

In our DEMO version we used core and additional extensions, here is a full list of them:

  • SP Page Builder (Pro) - Pro version is built-in only in QuickStart (
  • SP Simple Portfolio (
  • AcyMailing (
  • SP Tabbed Articles ( module)
  • SP Poll ( component + module)
  • SP Tweet ( module)
  • SP Date ( module)
  • Articles - Latest (Joomla core module)
  • Breadcrumbs (Joomla core module)
  • Custom HTML (Joomla core module)
  • Search (Joomla core module)
  • Tags - Popular (Joomla core module)
  • Login (Joomla core module)
  • Language Switcher (Joomla core module)
  • Menu (Joomla core module)

Module Manager View - with list of all used and published modules


Social Share feature

On blocks presented on home you might seen a social share option, which is visible after hover.

social share

It cannot be disabled or modified from settings, but if you really need you can hide using simple CSS rule:

.sppb-post-share-social {display:none;}

SP Tabbed Articles

SP Tabbed Articles is a new module  to display articles from subcategories, it was designed to be an easy and lightweight way to add responsive tabs on your site. In current template we used this extension only ones, in Menu Item named "Social Media" (check next section on this documentation). But it doesn't mean that you cannot use it in layout structure or inside article, becuase you can do it.

To use this module you have to follow this steps:

  1. Create a category then subcategories assigned to it.
  2. Add or assign current articles to each of subcategory. Do not forget to add images into articles, use "Helix Blog Options" for that purpose
  3. Now you can create a new SP Tabbed Articles module in Module Manager and use your own custom settings or those taken from demo like on schema below.

default settings


Offcanvas Menu

Helix3 framework includes an offcanvas menu that can be used next to MegaMenu or only as a Mobile Menu.


To enable it only on mobile please select the "Menu" tab on the template configuration page and select only "Mega Menu" in Menu Type and save.

Now add and publish selected Menu module on "offcanvas" position to show menu navigation structure on mobile devices.


Social Media (Menu Item)

SP Tabbed left


Second menu item from demo named "Social Media" with tabs may looks complicated to build, but it's not.

See on below images how we made it:


First, create SP Tabbed Articles module with those settings, of course , do not forget about creating articles and category for them before.

sp tabbed

Second, Create a new menu item, it can be Category Blog as we used. Fill first tab "Details", save settings.

social media1

Then open last tab "Helix Megamenu Options" where you have to move module SP Tabbed Articles into module area.

social media2

How to enable/disable comments

All JoomShaper templates based on Helix3 allows user to enable comments based on Disqus, IntenseDebate or Facebook comment engine under articles. You can easly enable this feature from template settings, check "Blog" Tab section.


 Of course you can disable built-in comments and install addcional popular comments extension like Jcomments or Komento.


SP Polls


This is simple poll extension, presented for a first time in this template. It include component and related module.



How to translate phrases

Several phrases are visible via front-end so probably you need to translate them if your website will be non-English or multilingual. You can translate them using one of two alternative methods:

  • Extensions -> Languages: Overrides  - where you can override them,
  • Making a translation using your own language files for SP Page Builder, SP Poll and template based on defaults.

Here are the most important phrases which you have to translate & override:


Those are inside: en-GB.mod_sp_poll.ini

COM_SPPAGEBUILDER_ADDON_AJAX_CONTACT_WRONG_CAPTCHA="Wrong answer! Please enter right answer."

Those are inside: en-GB.com_sppagebuilder.ini


This one is inside: en-GB.tpl_shaper_newedge.ini