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Updated Last: 13 August 2023

How to change...

How to change the "Need a Doctor. Get Appointment" box?

On the list of modules find "Menu Button" type SP Page Builder and edit it. It contains all those phrases with a link to sp medical view.

get-appointment button

Of course, you can disable that module to hide it or show it only for registered users, just change the Access level setting.

The background color you can change in Template Options - Presets - edit - in Body Link Color OR you can also just change in Text addon settings (Style - Background color).

How to disable an appointment button on the specialist/doctor page

To hide that button you have to use Custom CSS:

.nuron-specialist-top-info-wrap .specialist-information .appointment-button
{ display: none; visibility: hidden; }

How to change the Top Bar area?

In Top1 and Top2 we used two SP Page Builder Modules.

top1 and top2

You can change its content to customize displayed "COVID" and "Patients & Visitors" information. If you want to make site multilanguage, also those two modules need separate versions for each language.

Topbar Nuron

At the bottom of the template (that is footer position), we used two SP Page Builder modules (footer1, footer2).

bottom & footer
footer nuron theme