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Updated Last: 21 November 2023

Home Page

Podcasta comes with 4 different home variations (pages). These are designed for specific niches to cover a large variety of websites.  All of them were created using SP Page Builder Pro component.

  1. Podcast Default: The default home variation does a great job to reel your audience in and retain their attention. It comes with a captivating hero slider, episodes featured images, episodes & podcasters enlisting, and more.
  2. Influencer: Comes with a monochromatic color scheme and a compelling hero banner - one glance at it and people will instantly know what your show is about! Gain authority in your niche by showcasing your contribution, episodes, publication, and more.
  3. Classic: The classic home variation includes the core design elements to grow your podcast. It comes with a stunning hero followed by episode listing, contribution, popular topics & podcasters, and everything you need to drive more subscribers.
  4. Creative: Jazz things up with feature videos, horizontal episode listing, recent podcast, top podcasters, etc. This one is for podcasters more on the creative side to elegantly depict their work on the site.