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Travel Kit

Updated Last: 04 May 2016

Package List Page

All items (offers) inside this menu items (in demo) are K2 items. First view is a K2 » Item listings » Categories. Prices which you can see are from K2Store component. K2 Store is a Joomla shopping cart that uses K2 as product catalogue.

k2 view2

 Each "box" in above view is a K2 item, with its own details and settings.

k2 view item

Note! In general in this view Titles, Description, Images and Prices are from K2Store, not from Solidres component.

We used following language phrases for them:

K2_GET_IT_NOW= "Get It Now"
K2_PACKAGE_INTRO="Item Package Intro"
K2_TRAVEL_POPULER_PACKAGE="Popular Travel Package"