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Template 1 month ago

I use the STRINGS ver 1.5 Joomla template.

Please can you advise when this template will be update so that it will operate with Joomla 4, as I am using rel 3.10 and support goes this year.

Within the Joomla STRINGS template, I have used EVENTS as the heading for DVD and Blu-Ray disks, but when I hover over a DVD entry, The Event is Finished pops up, and when I click through I get:

ABOUT THE EVENT - I would like to delete this part

OUR PERFORMERS - I am happy with that

EVENT TIME AND DATES - I would like to delete this part

EVENT VENUE - I would like to delete this part including the map.

Any idea how I can do this please either though options or by editing the code?

Thanks very much

Website is

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Rashida Rahman
Rashida Rahman
Accepted Answer
Support Agent 1 month ago

Hi there!

Thanks for your query and sorry for the delayed response.

Yes, as this template is based on the Helix3 framework, it will get Joomla 4 and PHP 8 compatibility update, but I am sorry there is no time frame I can say at this moment.

However, there is no default way to customize the event details page in this way though. I can give you hints. You can remove the following portion of code

Please navigate to this php file: /components/com_spstrings/views/event/tmpl/default.php

And then remove the following portion of code: Then it will remove the "About the event" title.

You will find the later sections respectively in the same default.php page.

Note: Customization support is prohibited here, so it's on your hands only. These changes may overrided by the template update.

Best Regards