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Error Installing SP Page Builder 5 Pro 5.1.6



SP Page Builder 8 months ago

Hi. I'm running Joomla 4.4 and I#m trying to Install SP Page Builder 5 Pro 5.1.6 over version 4.0.8.. The installation fails with the following error: JInstaller: :Install: SQL-Fehler Duplicate column name 'is_favorite' ??? Any idea?

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Rashida Rahman
Rashida Rahman
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Support Agent 8 months ago #135611

Hi there!

Sorry for your experience.

Which PHP version you are using, there?

Can you try the following? Please keep a backup of your database. Then try to delete the column name 'catid' and then check. You can also try this:

  • Database backup
  • Uninstall SP Page Builder Pro
  • Install it again
  • Clear CMS and browser cache

The following forum link may help you as well:

Best Regards

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3 days ago #162006

I have the same problem. When I check my database there is no such thing as 'is_favorite' column, so why is Joomla stating such? Also why would I remove a column not listed in the error 'catid'? That doesn't make any sense. Lastly, if I remove PageBuilder am I not also removing the content?