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How to Beautify Your Joomla Blog Posts with SP Page Builder

14 August 2020
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How to Beautify Your Joomla Blog Posts with SP Page Builder

Whether you are running a small family business or a large company, having a blog is an integral part of an online content marketing strategy. It helps drive traffic to your site, gain credibility, develop your customer relationship, increase trust, promote your brand or products, and more! When it comes to blogging, we always emphasize the quality of the content. But what about the usability of it?

A low-quality user interface will stop readers from reading your articles, even if they are delivering high-quality information. If your blog is not getting the expected attention from the content you create, it’s time to redesign it! In today’s article, we are going to tell you how you can transform your “boring” Joomla blog into an interactive and beautiful one with our very own - SP Page Builder tool. Let’s dig into it!

Essential Elements of a Successful Blog Post

Let’s face it. Probably no one is going to visit your blog if it is just full of raw text and no designs! A beautiful layout accompanied by great content is the key to a successful blog. There are indeed some elements that can take a blog post to the next level and get more views & shares. In order to retain the attention of the readers throughout the articles and explain things better, our articles need more than just plain texts.

You will often feel the need to add an image gallery, data table, icons, quotation, action buttons, tweet, and more elements to beautify your articles and make it stand out. Unfortunately, all of these are not achievable with the default Joomla editor. But with SP Page Builder we can design and add almost everything a successful blog needs and optimize our content for more traffic.

Blogging Experience on Joomla

Even though Joomla offers a fair amount of settings to customize your Joomla articles, it is not enough to create an awesome blog post with high traffic.

Beautify Joomla Blog Post Using SPPB

Some of the limitations of the default Joomla editor are:

  • There are not much styling options in default Joomla articles toolbar
  • No advanced elements like image slider, logos scroller, image gallery, progress bar, action buttons, etc.
  • Interaction and animation are also not available in basic Joomla articles
  • Publishers need to struggle for rich texts and graphic elements

Styling Joomla Articles with SP Page Builder

The great thing about SP Page Builder is you do not have to hire designers to achieve a beautiful modern blog. It will do the magic work for you. With its powerful drag & drop feature, addons, and ready designs, you can easily create a masterpiece blog of your own.

Before diving into the details, let us have a look at some of the notable features of SP Page Builder:

  • Live visual editing
  • Fully responsive design
  • Supports all Joomla templates
  • Pre-designed layouts and blocks
  • Powerful addons for advanced functionalities
  • Useful integrations like with Joomla articles

First Thing First - Integrate SP Page Builder With Joomla Articles

If you are not using a QuickStart pack, Joomla Articles need to be integrated manually to use SP Page Builder inside articles. To enjoy the drag & drop functionalities on articles, first, we need to install and enable “Joomla Article” from SP Page Builder Pro Integrations settings. Read our documentation to see a step by step process on how to do that. It only takes a minute!

Beautify Your Article from the Frontend

One of the reasons SP Page Builder is loved by all is its frontend live editing system. With the WYSIWYG live editor, you get the opportunity to see the actual look of how your content will look after publishing. Just like web pages, you can also edit your Joomla articles with SP Page Builder on the frontend as well. Once you have installed and enabled Joomla Article Integration, you will see an option “Edit with SP Page Builder” on your articles from the frontend. Simply click on it, and enjoy the live editing features.

What Can You Do with SP Page Builder to Beautify Articles?

SP Page Builder gives you the freedom to design and add interactive elements to your blog and keep up with the trend. Apart from the addons, there are pre-designed sections available too from where you can drag & drop the block of your choice and design your page instantly. You can also build your own section library and reuse the previously designed sections. Amazing, isn’t it?

Here’s a quick guide on what to edit to achieve a good-looking blog that’s going to hook your audience and make them keep coming back for more.

Use the Custom Column Structure

With the custom column structure feature, you can add and manage different column structures for your blog. Simply add different addons as per your need to quickly develop and see what you would like on your blog. The most convenient way to design, if you do not have enough time on the hand.

Present the Text More Attractively

Beautify Joomla Blog Post Using SPPB

Easily set section title, add content, customize content alignment, and more with the Text Block addon. While giving your section a title make sure to keep it minimal, inviting, and related to the description. Try to avoid lengthy headings as this will take up a lot of space and won’t look nice with the blog layout. Consider using heading levels wisely.

Add Images and Videos to Your Article

Beautify Joomla Blog Post Using SPPB

Images and videos are a great way to convey your messages quickly without having to write a lot of text in the article. And sometimes, images speak louder than words. SP Page Builder has an advanced media manager to upload and insert images, videos, document files, and archives. You can also add your stunning Instagram feed to your blog post using the Instagram Gallery addon.

Add Quotes to Your Article

Beautify Joomla Blog Post Using SPPB

Although you can add a blockquote from the default Joomla editor, SP Page Builder gives you so much more flexibility to style quotations in your Joomla articles. You can use the testimonial addons to add display images, interactions, testimonial carousels, etc.

Add Data and Pricing Tables

Beautify Joomla Blog Post Using SPPB

We often need to include tables to our articles to present figures or pricing. But the default Joomla editor doesn’t have the table creation feature. This is where SP Page Builder comes to the rescue again. You can easily add data/pricing tables or any basic tables using the Pricing Table and Table addons of SP Page Builder.

Use Pie Charts & Progress Bars

Beautify Joomla Blog Post Using SPPB

You can also add pie charts & pie progress bars to your articles to make the data visually attractive and more readable. From customizing colors, thickness & size, texts, percentage to custom icons, the Pie Progress addon gives you the flexibility to represent your financial statistics, the progress of a project, etc. more smartly.

Highlight Features with Block Numbers

Beautify Joomla Blog Post Using SPPB

Instead of using the traditional numbered list, you can highlight features or important points using the Block Number addon. It will immediately draw the attention of the visitors to the important highlights. You can customize the block number, colors, size, alignment, and more to make it look fancy.

Use Carousel in Your Articles

Beautify Joomla Blog Post Using SPPB

Another cool way to beautify your articles is to add carousels. SP Page Builder has several carousel addons that are well-built, user friendly, and come with interactive features. From presenting a classic image carousel to introducing your team members or testimonials, these addons have a minimalistic design to keep the focus on content sections. To learn more about the carousel addons, read here.

Custom HTML Code for Inserting Diverse External Content

SP Page Builder has an addon to add raw HTML using which we can embed external content or elements. Custom code gives web developers the ability to extend the article content with extra design or elements to better meet their needs.

Add Buttons and CTAs

Beautify Joomla Blog Post Using SPPB

Adding clickable buttons is the smartest way to link important information or guide users to download something. You can easily add buttons to your articles, select button style, alignments, and more using the Button or Button Group addon.

Moreover, JoomShaper offers various templates like Gazette, Newsberg, etc. in the blog category that can maximize flexibility for your content in Joomla. If you are interested in learning more about how to create a full-fledged blog or magazine site on Joomla, you can refer to our relevant tutorial HERE.

Wrapping Up

This is just a quick overview of what you can do with SP Page Builder to make your articles more interactive and attractive. There are, of course, tons of other features available that you will ever need to build a modern Joomla blog. Do not forget to share your feedback and keep an eye on our blog to stay up with the latest. Good day!

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