It's not been a full week since we have released the latest page builder layout bundle Fashion. But here we are again, presenting to you yet another outstanding layout bundle Corporate for a range of business websites.

The Corporate layout bundle has an elegant way to represent any corporate firm/agency especially investment bank, stock exchange, broker firm, consultancy firm and anything in this domain. You’ll have it all inside the SP Page Builder 3.3.4 Pro.

The Corporate layout bundle comes with the following 5 inner pages.

  1. Home
  2. Service Overview
  3. Service Detail
  4. About
  5. Contact


With a nice fresh look and sleek design, the Corporate homepage showcases the overall structure of your firm. The visitors will have a complete idea of what your firm is about. It covers all that is important for a homepage.

Service Overview

The Service Overview page shows a glimpse of the services that your firm offers. The grid design lets you display your core services with lively images. This will catch the visitors’ eye and will help you gain their trust more easily.

Service Detail

A service detail page naturally has a modest amount of contents. Sometimes it may get overwhelming for the visitors. Keeping that in mind, the Service Detail page in Corporate was designed to present only the useful information in an exquisite manner.


Let the visitors know what makes you who you are. What you stand for. What you’re holding on to and what you believe in. Share your story with the world and let this most fundamental thing gain trust from your visitors. The About page does this all.


Your visitors might want to stop for a second and say Hi to you. Let the interested individuals reach out to you with a contact form. When it comes to serious business, let them reach you on email and hotline. Also, show the world where to find you using the map. 

How to access and import these layouts?

All of the SP Page Builder 3.3.4 Pro users upon confirming the license key, can access, explore and import the Corporate layout bundle right away.

In order to get the new layout bundle, you need to update your SP Page Builder Pro (to v3.3.4) first. You can access the layout packs from both the backend and the frontend. Since the frontend method shows everything live, here we’ll show a step by step guideline for the frontend method.

Step 1: Open Page Templates

After creating a page, (you can now create a page on the frontend) and opening it in editing mode, click on the “Page Templates” button.

Importing page template in SP Page Builder step by step

Or, from the left sidebar click “Layouts”.

Importing page template in SP Page Builder step by step

Step 2: Import a layout

Having done either of the above steps, it will pop up all the layout bundles of SP Page Builder and you can browse these layout bundles to find Corporate. Please note, if you have trouble finding it, try clearing the cache of your Joomla website. To do so, go to System > Clear Cache > Delete All. 

Importing page template in SP Page Builder step by step

Finally, click “Import” to use any page layout. Repeat these steps for importing multiple pages. Now you can customize these pages with your own contents.

Note: The demo images are for demonstration purpose only. Not for commercial use.

We are quite certain that you'll like the new Corporate layout bundle, but hey don't settle yet! We are constantly working on creating new layout bundles. So, if you have something in mind, share with us in the comments below and it might become our next layout bundle. Thanks for being with JoomShaper. Stay blessed 😊

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