Howdy, all! Hopefully, it was a great weekend. Welcome back from our dev table. And today we are issuing another release candidate of Helix Ultimate. Keeping a track on the user feedback, we are discovering a lot of suggestions and improvements every day. Helix Ultimate release candidate 3 is here to give you an opportunity to check the latest stuff in the template framework.

What's new?

Helix Ultimate RC 3 comes with several notable new features such as SP Page Builder support, custom style option, 8 color presets, and a ‘Close’ button on the sidebar. Other enhancements include bug fixes and PHP 7.2 compatibility.

Helix Ultimate RC 3 comes with 8 color presets.

Figure: Helix Ultimate RC 3 comes with 8 color presets.


  • Added close button to the sidebar
  • SP Page Builder support added
  • Import bug fixed
  • CSS and JS compression issues fixed
  • PHP 7.2 compatibility added
  • Added 8 color presets
  • Added custom style option
  • Fixed all known bugs

Each experimental version adds new enhancements to Helix Ultimate. You are invited to play with this RC version and also requested to share your experience with us. Thank you, happy developing!

System requirements

  • Joomla 3.8
  • PHP 5.6 or more
  • Fresh Joomla installation 

Don't use ‘Helix Ultimate RC 3’ in any of your live sites. Try it only with a fresh Joomla instance.

Release timeline

Take Helix Ultimate RC 3 to a test drive now