Our effort to enhance your experience with SP Page Builder is untiring. Spending many a hours on development becomes meaningful once our team brings ground-breaking innovations to the page builder you love. As stated before in the SP Page Builder 3.0 release timeline, today we’re releasing SP Page Builder 3.0 Beta with a bunch of new features and fixes that will eventually equip you with enhanced functionalities in building beautiful websites.

Excited? Yes we know you are. So, let’s discover what changes are going to come in SP Page Builder 3.0 Beta.

90+ section elements

90+ section elements are available in SP Page Builder 3.0 Beta.

Figure: 90+ section elements are available in SP Page Builder 3.0 Beta.

You’ve experienced the 36 section elements introduced in SP Page Builder 3.0 Alpha 1. The system to add different ready-to-use sections to pages eases your effort to build websites. You don't need to brainstorm with addons & row/column combinations and the site design. You can simply add the sections and build your site in a surprisingly less amount of time. The way the readymade section elements relieved you from the tiresome job of creating web pages with codes inspired us to extend its number to a whopping 85+ in today's release. From today, use 90+ section elements to build your dream sites and have beautiful sections on them. More sections will be added in the coming days.

Google Fonts support

Google Fonts support has been added to SP Page Builder 3.0 Beta.

Figure: Google Fonts support has been added to SP Page Builder 3.0 Beta.

We know, adorning your site with texts is never done until you have the way to use your desired fonts. Now in SP Page Builder 3.0 Beta, you have the ability to use Google Fonts. Choose your favorite fonts from a vast collection of Google Fonts to get a great typography on your site.

Changelog for SP Page Builder 3.0 Beta is given below:

  • 85+ new pre-built sections
  • Google Fonts support
  • Border Radius added for Image addon
  • Addon CSS saves as files
  • Column settings update problem fixed
  • Article editor issues fixed
  • K2 issues fixed
  • Missing language issues fixed
  • Image Content addon bug fixed
  • Opt-in From addon editor conflict fixed
  • Saved section drop error fixed
  • Other known small bugs fixed

Release timeline

Wondering when the stable version will arive? Well, let’s look at the release timeline for SP Page Builder 3.0.

Installation tips

This version of SP Page Builder 3.0 Beta will work ONLY on fresh Joomla installations. Be sure to have a fresh Joomla instance on your test ground in order to try this. Do not use this Beta version to upgrade to the future stable version of SP Page Builder (even if it was uninstalled).

System requirements

  • Fresh Joomla 3.8 version
  • PHP 64 bit & PHP 7.0

I swear I will not use this Beta version on a production/live site.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience SP Page Builder 3.0 and discover its exciting features! Please let us know your feedback and opinios as well!

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