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Updated Last: 20 March 2023

Custom CSS, JS and Stats code

Helix Ultimate and SP Page Builder visual interface provides controls for many CSS properties, but sometimes you may want to add additional, custom CSS that can't be created with option(s). You can easily customize the website with your own custom code, for example, with CSS, JavaScript, Meta tags, stats, and verification code by using the custom fields in that section of template settings. Anytime you can also use a dedicated plugin or module for this same purpose or instead of.

Note! In some cases, added custom code may not work and seems to be damaged (i-frame or s-cript) - it's caused by RSfirewall component.  Change its settings and paste the original code again. Please do not use custom php code inside template options!

For Joomla there are many custom code modules and plugins, as well for adding tracking code - you can use them instead of using Custom Codes areas inside Template Options (screenshot below). More information and tips on How to customize design you will find inside:

custom code