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Updated Last: 20 March 2023

Customization Tips

Button BOOK NOW in Menu

The "BOOK NOW" button is a module named "Menu Button" (type: SP Page Builder) published in the "menu" module position. You can customize its name and link.


Booking Feature

By default BOOK NOW button redirects to the contact page where is a basic contact form. Instead of this, you can install the booking component, the most popular seems to be Solidres ( But of course, anytime you can put a link to your, TripAdvisor or Airbnb offer page.

Header Background Color

By default header becomes almost black after page scroll down - it's caused by template CSS styles, you can customize this bg color as well by using custom CSS. Below is an example CSS to make it blue:

#sp-header.header-sticky {background-color: #0461B3; }
blue header - custom CSS

More soon (...)

Other design customization tips you can find in Helix documentation: