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Updated Last: 20 March 2023

Powered By SP LMS

Powered By SP LMS

SP LMS Component

Get the powerful features of the SP LMS component like creating and managing courses, course review & rating, and many other necessary LMS features. With Maestro and the handy features of SP LMS, get almost everything you need to build and manage a successful eLearning platform!

Main Core Features

  • Courses and Lessons Management
  • Course review & rating (On/Off)
  • LMS Dashboard with basic statistics
  • Light & responsive design
  • Certificate System
  • User–friendly interface
  • Courses - option to choose Free or Paid
  • Support for over 20 popular currencies
  • Video URL and Attachment system for lessons
  • Access Levels (based on Joomla ACL)

To Access SP LMS from your backend, navigate to Components > SP LMS. Here, from the SP LMS Dashboard, you can view the summary of your learning platform.

SP LMS Dashboard