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Updated Last: 22 June 2021

Used extensions and positions

In JoomShaper Quickstart (Demo content) we used both Joomla! core and additional extensions. Here is a full list of them:

  • SP Page Builder 3.x Pro - Pro version is built-in in QuickStart only (JoomShaper)
  • SP Medical (component from JoomShaper)
  • SP Medical Search (module from JoomShaper)
  • SP Medical Specialists (module from JoomShaper)
  • Breadcrumbs (Joomla core module)
  • Custom HTML (Joomla core module)
  • Search (Joomla core module)
  • Menu (Joomla core module)
  • Articles - Latest (Joomla core module)
  • Login (Joomla core module)

Where do you get extensions from?

Apart from the few dozen extensions that are part of the quickstart installation (developed by Joomla and JoomShaper team), you can find thousands of additional extensions developed by third parties on the web. Most of these are listed on, the Joomla Extensions Directory (or JED, as it is fondly called by the Joomla community). Anytime you can install new modules, plugins or components. But remember the main rule: less is more, also in the security area.