After releasing the Alpha and Beta versions, today we are making the SP Page Builder 3.0 release candidate (RC) available to download. Like the way, JoomShaper spearheaded the Joomla web application industry with a number of high-quality Joomla templates and the best page builder ever built for Joomla site development, this time we want to offer more and take Joomla to another level of popularity with this signature product. This pre-release version of SP Page Builder 3 comes with fixes and some amazing improvements. This is the last version before the stable release of SP Page Builder 3 which is scheduled to be released on 13th November.

We would like to give big thanks to all our testers who is continuously giving us their feedbacks and test reports. 

We have fixed all the known issues from Beta with this RC release. Also, we have improved the overall experiences of using SP Page Builder 3 by improving its UX in addons. The flex grid issue and custom CSS in live editor issues have been fixed. We have also repositioned the image addon title. Some of our testers raised an issue with the background YouTube video feature which we’ve fixed by making the video silent. Among several newly added things, a significant one is the option to add the items at the center of a column.

Changelog for SP Page Builder 3 RC is given below.

  • New: Align items at center of column (edited)
  • Tweak: Image addon title position
  • Tweak: UX improved
  • Fix: Flex Grid issue
  • Fix: Show all button 404 error for Article addon (edited)
  • Fix: Page custom CSS in live editor
  • Fix: Column background image (External URL)
  • Fix: YouTube video background now muted
  • Fix: Pricing Table issue fixed

Wondering when the stable version will arrive? Well, let’s look at the release timeline for SP Page Builder 3.

Installation tips

This version of SP Page Builder 3.0 RC will work ONLY on fresh Joomla installations. Be sure to have a fresh Joomla instance on your test ground in order to try this. Do not use this experimental version to upgrade to the future stable version of SP Page Builder (even if it was uninstalled).

System requirements

  • Fresh Joomla 3.8 version
  • PHP 64 bit & PHP 7.0

I swear I will not use this RC version on a production/live site.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience SP Page Builder 3.0 and discover its exciting features! Please let us know your feedback and opinions as well!

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