SP K2 Featured Slider

SP K2 Featured Slider

SP K2 Featured Slider is a free Joomla! 3.x responsive module that allows you to easily and elegantly display a list of K2 items (only featured) from K2 categories with cool effects in slide. This module was especially designed for news or magazine website and will help you to make your site more informative and attract attention of your visitors to internal K2 items. That Joomla extension was based on OWL Carousel Touch enabled jQuery library.

It has a set of configurable options you can apply. 

Basic settings

The "K2 Category filer" - this option allows you to select all or specific K2 category from all the K2 items will be used as a source of slides. Remember that in those categories must be K2 featured items.

The "Number of slides" - enter the max number of k2 items that you want to appear in the module box as a slides.

The "IntroText" -  this option allow whether you want to show introtext or not.

The "Intro word limit" - set introtext word limit.

The "Image size" - you can choose size for images (from K2 settings) displayed in the module. This feature will help you make the module fit any position in your site.

The "Read more" - when enabled it allows users to click on a link that says "Read More" in order to continue reading the article, the whole content not only short intro.

The "Features badge" - those options allows you to enable Feature box with selected background color and your own text.

Animation settings


The "Autoplay" - when enabled the sliding starts automatically.

The "Transition" - this option allows you choose how the sliding effects take on (Fade, Back Slide, Go Down).

The "Slide Speed" - length of the sliding effect in milliseconds.

The "Autoplay interval" - milliseconds between the end of the sliding effect and the start of the next one.

The "Show Navigation" - module also gives viewers the option of indicating the number of slides as navigation dots that appears at the right top area.


Note: This module works only with K2 component ( installed.