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Updated Last: 20 March 2023

Used Extensions

In JoomShaper Politis template we used both Joomla core and additional extensions, here is a full list of them:

  • SP Page Builder Pro - Pro version is built-in in QuickStart only (
  • SP Simple Portfolio (component + module from
  • SP Campaign Timeline (module from

  • HikaShop (component + modules from
  • AcyMailing Starter (component + module from

  • Articles - Latest (Joomla core module)
  • Articles - Categories (Joomla core module)
  • Banners (Joomla core module)
  • Breadcrumbs (Joomla core module)
  • Custom HTML (Joomla core module)
  • Login (Joomla core module)
  • Search (Joomla core module)
  • Tags - Popular (Joomla core module)
  • Menu (Joomla core module)
  • Language Switcher (Joomla core module)

Module Manager View - with list of all used and published modules