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Updated Last: 20 March 2023

Powered By SP Soccer

SP Soccer

Dedicatedly designed for sports team club purposes, harness the power of the latest SP Soccer Joomla component with the Live Sports template. With the SP Soccer inside, get all the tools and features you’ll need to create and manage tournaments, leagues, and more.

Main Core Features:

  • All-in-one sports data extension
  • Football Tournaments (with logo, year, region, description)
  • Sessions (with tournament category and description)
  • Easy to setup and manage a soccer/football club
  • List of Players / Persons (with Name, Team/Club, Avatar, Player position, type, profile, career, social networks)
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Upcoming Match (new addon integrated SP Page Builder with SP Soccer component, and allows you to present countdown to next chosen sport event)
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Polls
  • Matches

To Access SP Soccer from your backend, navigate to Components > SP Soccer. From here, you can find all the options related to your SP Soccer component.

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