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SP Page Builder 4 Pro (RC 2)

Version: 4.0.0

Version RC 2

26 May 2022
  • The Addon settings panel is now draggable
  • Two Scrolling options - Viewport and Full-page are added in Interaction settings
  • Improved Dashboard UI design with filter functionality
Bug Fix
  • DIV addon issues (nested div drag and drop, duplication, copy and paste, text changing, global styles)
  • Addon settings option is not clickable for Video & Soundcloud addon
  • Addon saving issue for deeply nested addons like Accordion and Tab
  • Accordion addon settings
  • Tabs addon CSS issue for nav position
  • Nested rowcolumn gap not working issue
  • Empty folder delete issue in Media panel

Version RC

21 April 2022
  • Added the option to save customized addon from the inline editor for addon reuse
  • Option to add images from external URLs
  • Added Multi-language support for sidebar editor and Saved Items section (Lite version)
  • Added CSS variable and RGBA support in Color Picker
Bug Fix
  • Column rename issue in layers panel for duplicated sections
  • Option to Show Column not working once the column is hidden
  • Testimonial Carousel addon avatar alignment issue in preview mode
  • Button full width, top margin, and content shows HTML tags issue in Image Layout addon
  • Duplicate key issue when saving a section
  • Flip & Bounce animation fails to work in the Image Overlay addon in editor mode
  • Default padding controller and background color issue in the editor
  • Duplicate issue in multilevel nested Div addons
  • Pricing Table addon title, price shows HTML tags
  • Testimonials addon review text shows HTML tags
  • Custom addon width issue in addon’s Advanced settings
  • Default value issue (for Joomla 4) in the Access field of the toolbar Options
  • Row Padding reset to 5px for nested rows
  • Page becomes invisible when accordion section’s column is duplicated then deleted issue
  • Slideshow addon custom height issue
  • Default margin and border radius issue in addons
  • Addon list not working when disabling all structure addons from the list

Version Beta 2

22 March 2022
  • Added inline edit functionality for Button Group, Accordion addon, and Tab addon item title
  • Added Google fonts disable option
  • Plus (+) button functionality for adding new items
Bug Fix
  • Section background color and image not showing when importing layout blocks
  • Feature box addon CSS issue
  • Column delete from section issue in layer option
  • Div drag and drop issue inside another Div.
  • Cursor positioning issue by clicking on text addon in Firefox
  • Table addon CSS, same id for text addon, border, padding, pages item number infinity, total entry, pagination issue
  • Gradient color issue for all addons
  • Google map and OpenStreetMap addon multiple locations not working
  • Testimonial carousel addon avatar alignment and initial state not working
  • Person Addon social icon position and overlay gradient issue
  • Hover color in Image overlay addon does not work properly in edit mode
  • Modal Popup addon image width and height not working properly in edit view
  • Articles addon title typography issue
  • Article Scroller addon publish date/hour toggle button not working issue.
  • Image layouts addon image layout poster and custom button gradient not working issue
  • Team Carousel Addon display issue inside Accordion Addon
  • Saving page fails to work in Multilingual both in Joomla 3 and Joomla
  • Showing raw HTML tag in the title

Version Beta 1

24 Feb 2022
  • Added a new (+) button in the inline editor to easily add a new addon item
Bug Fix
  • Responsive issue of the global default values in multiple viewports
  • Multiple issues in the Lottie addon, i.e. viewport mode issue, glitch when loaded from external URL, etc.
  • Accordion and Tab addons’ child text addons have the same addon id issue
  • Copypaste addons inside the Div addon not working
  • For the addons with the Add Item option, previous addon items options appear while adding items in the current addon
  • The background color issue in the Block Number Addon
  • Div addon with child addon deleting issue from the context menu
  • Price Table and Flip Box addon text alignment issue
  • Price Table hover box color cross button not showing
  • Similar Data ID issue after addon duplication
  • Row duplication issue for Div addon
  • Button Group Link and Icon Issue
  • Gallery Addon item gap not working issue
  • Gradients color issue for all addons
  • In nested addons, the child addon’s style is overwritten by the parent addon’s style issue
  • Form Builder addon button options not working issue
  • Price list addon divider size slider not working issue

Version Alpha 4

11 Feb 2022
Bug Fix
  • Section and Column Duplicate Issue for Nested Addon
  • Icon Group Addon CSS issues
  • Button Group Addon gap not working properly
  • Exit to dashboard button show 404 when SEF enable issue
  • Form Builder Addon CSS issues
  • Image Content Addon issues
  • HTML element fails to function in Row title settings
  • Preview link not working
  • Image Content Addon and div addon undoredo issue
  • Testimonial Carousel Addon initial state not working properly
  • Form Builder Addon. Field width not showing on frontend edit at firsttime addon load
  • Undo Redo not working properly

Version Alpha 3

4 Feb 2022
  • Added page layout export feature
  • Added copy, paste, and duplicate feature for nested addon from context menu.
Bug Fix
  • Layout import inner row addon not showing in preview for existing SP Page Builder 3 layouts
  • Hidden in Tablet, Mobile, and Desktop function not working for addons
  • Animated Heading addon not working issue
  • “Paste Style” option not working for all addons
  • Inline Settings arrow not working properly when scrolling the page
  • Divider addon alignment issue
  • Testimonial Carousel addon UI and initial state not working properly
  • Social Icon addon UI not working properly
  • Image addon Overlay not working
  • Image Overlay addon UI not working issue
  • Animated Number UI not working issue
  • Icon Group addon UI not working issue
  • Icon addon UI not working issue
  • Timeline addon date alignment issue

Version Alpha 2

4 Jan 2022
  • Added the option to make columns multi-line or single-line in a row
  • Improved the editor authentication
  • Improved the URL routing system
  • Dropped the admin menu module
  • Improved the column resizing
Bug Fix
  • The row’s background video issue
  • The row’s and column’s vertical alignment issue
  • The title and subtitle’s alignment issue
  • The row/column/addon’s UI issue on disabling
  • The dashboard’s UI issue for nonHelix Ultimate templates
  • The select field’s zindex issue
  • The addon’s cloning issue
  • The addon’s deletion issue
  • The Database error in Joomla 4
  • The issue happens after clicking the save button in Joomla 4
  • Other minor known issues

Version Alpha 1

15 Dec 2021
  • Initial Release