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Helix Ultimate 2.0

Updated Last: 13 January 2022

Multilingual Site

In those detailed tutorials, we’ll follow a few steps to create a multilingual Joomla site.

Good to know:

  • Translating your Joomla site into different languages gives you a chance to start ranking in Google for queries in new languages.
  • A multilingual website serves the same content in multiple languages. But webmaster or site owner has full control over what subpages would be translated. 
  • Most of the top Joomla extensions are translation-ready. However, they may not be translated into all languages (your can be missing) or some phrases from them are hard-coded.

The most important tips:

  • Before you will start, install the needed languages in Joomla and prepare professional translations.
  • All articles, k2 items, modules, and Pages (SPPB) can be assigned to different, selected languages.
  • If you have a Multilingual Site, an off-canvas (mobile) menu also should be prepared for each language.
  • It would be a good idea to first test your skills on a test site and verify that everything works correctly before you will start making changes on the production website.
  • And once you’ve translated your site, you can add and display a language switcher module.