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Helix Ultimate

Updated Last: 18 February 2024

How to Rename Helix Ultimate Template

Renaming a Helix Ultimate template requires careful adjustments in various files and the database due to how Joomla handles templates as extensions. The process outlined here applies to renaming any Helix Ultimate-based template.

Note: This guide only covers renaming templates, not the Helix Ultimate framework plugin which shouldn't be renamed.

Rename Before Installation

This method is simple and suitable for most beginners. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the Helix Ultimate template package from JoomShaper's download section.
  2. Rename the template package ZIP file to your desired name (e.g., "").
  3. Extract the package, go to templates, and open the templateDetails.xml file using a text editor like Notepad++.
  4. Locate the line <name>shaper_helixultimate</name> and change it to <name>newname</name>.
  5. Rename the language file: Change en-GB.shaper_helixultimate.ini to en-GB.tpl_newname.ini.
  6. Inside the templateDetails.xml file, update the line <language tag="en-GB">en-GB.tpl_shaper_helixultimate.ini</language> to <language tag="en-GB">en-GB.tpl_newname.ini</language>.
  7. Save the changes to the XML file.
  8. Compress the modified template package into a ZIP file.
  9. Install the modified template as a new template and set it as the default.
  10. Manually adjust settings if needed, especially if using a QuickStart package. If using QuickStart, uninstall the old template after transferring settings.