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Helix Ultimate

Updated Last: 13 May 2024



The Presets tab gives you the ability to quickly and easily configure color settings related to the appearance of the Helix-powered template. This includes being able to switch between pre-configured presets with customization options and a custom color set.

color presets

By default Helix Ultimate 2.0 comes with 8 colors presets, which allows you to choose one color style. The Preset Selector gives users the ability to quickly switch between Presets, used for the whole template style, with a pre-designed color palette and style settings.

Each color Preset can be customized, after choosing it, just hover the color box to see the pen icon, then click it to Edit current Preset (screenshot below).

Edit Preset styles-colors

Custom Style

But you're not limited by only preset choices because you can enable “Custom Style” and choose there your own main colors. Notice, built-in presets will not work if this option is enabled.

For some areas, you can define those also from Layout tab, separately for each Row (section). If you want to define more colors or use extra CSS3 effects you have to use custom CSS to override default font color, background colors or other elements.