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Helix Ultimate

Updated Last: 06 June 2024

Template Manager Tips

To change the default Template for the Site (Front-end) to Helix Ultimate, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Administrator (Backend).
  2. Click on: Extensions - Templates
  3. Then you should see the Template Manager screen with all installed and enabled templates.
  4. The default style for the Front-end is marked with a star icon.
  5. To change the default style to Helix Ultimate:
    • click the checkbox left from the style name to select it;
    • click "Default" on the toolbar;

    the star changes from Protostar (or a different template) to Helix Ultimate and you are done.

Joomla! gives you the option of switching between two or more styles on the Front-end. This is done with "Menu Assignment", so you can set different styles for each menu or only a menu item. This allows specific "pages" (menu items) that are defined by menu links to set for a "specific" style. Styles can be of different templates.

Click into the template name to see the Template Options button, click on it to get access to the extended settings area.

Template Options