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Helix Ultimate 2.0

Updated Last: 22 October 2021

Template Views Override

Since Helix Ultimate 2.0.3 update you can override overrides of component views from a template.

To achieve it you have to create new folders using this schema: templates/{template_name}/overrides/ - then inside put component or module view override.

For example, if you decide to override the single article view created by Helix Ultimate you should:

  1. Create the following folder structure (use File Manager):
  2. Then copy the default.php file from:
    a) plugins/system/helixultimate/overrides/com_content/article
    OR  if you want to customize the original article view then copy a file from here:
    b) components/com_content/views/article/tmpl
  3. Now you can edit & customize default.php file without fear that the next update will overwrite your changes.