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Helix Ultimate 2.0

Updated Last: 08 November 2022


No Offcanvas (Mobile) Menu after Helix update

 If after Helix Ultimate 1.1.x update to Helix Ultimate 2.0.10 on the front-end after clicking [=] icon you don't see Mobile Menu items but only darker (blurred) background - please follow those steps:

  1. Go to Templates > Helix Ultimate > Template Options > Menu > Offcanvas
  2. Then select one of the layouts. Must be a blue border around it (look at the screenshot below).
  3. Check if you selected the needed Menu inside "Select Off-canvas Menu".
  4. Click SAVE to set new settings. Now it should be fixed.
Offcanvas menu select

Mobile (Offcanvas) Menu - items are not active

If you cannot click to open submenu items - probably you used the wrong Menu item type. Please do NOT use those (Separator nor Header) for main menu items (!). We recommend using the "URL" with "#" (hash) mark inside the URL field. Then your Mobile Offvancas Menu will work correctly, and you will be able to see and click (+) to open submenu items.

Mobile Offcanvas Menu - I cannot scroll down to see all items

If you don't see all menu submenu items because you cannot scroll down probably you have to use extra custom CSS to fix it:

.offcanvas-menu {
    overflow-y: scroll;

I cannot save Template settings

If you cannot save changes in the Template Options area it may be caused by:

  • extensions conflict,
  • enabled Mod Security in cPanel,
  • enabled Rocket Loader script.

In that case, please disable all compression plugins and Cookie module and try saving again. If will not help disable Mod Security for used domain inside cPanel.

I cannot edit articles anymore, buttons are not active

If you updated the Helix template and have enabled Article or K2 Integration (SP Page Builder Pro)  and you have installed (preinstalled) J2Store (free/pro) and you don't see editor options inside the article (K2 item) anymore - it means that there is a conflict between jQuery UI.

not working buttons

To be sure it is it - check also if in the browser console there are the following errors:

jquery-ui.min.js:12 Uncaught TypeError: this._addClass is not a function
    at e.<computed>.<computed>._create (jquery-ui.min.js:12)
    at e.<computed>.<computed>._create (jquery-ui.min.js:16)

If yes, hopefully, it's very easy to fix it:

  1. Go to: Components - J2Store
  2. Then Setup - Configuration
  3. In Basic Settings - Load jQuery UI - set "Only frontend" or "No" (recommended).
  4. Then click "Save" or "Save & Close" to keep changes.
jQuery UI

If you don't use J2Store and you don't have an editor or editor toolbar - please make sure that you have chosen TinyMCE editor or JCE editor (updated) as your default editor in Global Configuration - check also your User settings.


If you cannot upload the website logo nor favicon file inside Helix Ultimate, even it's a very small (light) file. In that case please change PHP settings inside cPanel:

  1. in cPanel - MultiPHP INI Editor
  2. Memory_limit  and set 256M or 512M (recommended) -- then it will be fixed. Probably you have "-1" (no-limit) and that's why have an upload problem.

If you have a different hosting panel - please ask hosting support how to set the above value.

A temporary solution: use Joomla Media Manager and there upload your website logo then just choose inside template options.

I cannot upload images in Blog Options

If you changed the PHP version and after you noticed that you cannot upload photos in Articles in the "Blog Option" tab anymore. Below is a screenshot from Joomla 4, but in Joomla 3.10 it looks very similar.

Guide: I cannot upload image

Please follow those steps to find a solution:

  1. First, in Joomla admin check: System Information > PHP Information > and search "memory_limit" - what is a value that you have? If you have "-1" (no-limit) please go to hosting cPanel or ask hosting support to change this value. We recommend using any value above 256M. For a typical small or middle website: 512M should be OK. Save changes and see if your value was updated. Then try to upload the image again.
  2. Try to upload a different image, maybe smaller with.jpg an extension name. Are you able to see the uploaded image now?
  3. If still not, please disable all extra plugins that are used in Article editor mode. Then try again.

How to center submenu (from Mega Menu) when is full-width alignment

As a temporary fix, please below the custom CSS code:

.sp-megamenu-parent {position: static;}

My MegaMenu bar is not centered anymore

If after Helix Ultimate update from 1.1x to 2.0 your Mega menu bar is not centered anymore, you have to use an extra CSS line:

#sp-menu > .sp-column.align-items-center { justify-content: center !important; }


Call to a member function addStyledeclaration() on null

 If after template (Helix based) update on the front-end view instead of website design you see above error message - it means that you have to edit the index.php file from your template:

  1. Open the templates index.php file in HTML editor or in File editor from cPanel.
  2. Find line with: $doc->addStyledeclaration and replace with $this->addStyledeclaration
  3. Find line with: $doc->addScriptdeclaration and replace with: $this->addScriptdeclaration
  4. Save changes and upload a changed file.

As you may see the only difference is "$this" instead of old and incorrect "$doc".

Convert Forms: checkbox fields position is scattered

  If after adding checkbox fields you see something like in the below screenshot. Where labels fields are far below the checkbox, not next to as supposed to be.

You have to add extra Custom CSS code to fix it.

.convertforms label {transform: none !important;}

 After using the above code inside Template Options - Custom Code - Custom CSS or inside custom.css file or inside Convert Forms forms settings you should get a fixed view.

Call to undefined method Joomla\CMS\Document\HtmlDocument::getWebAssetManager()

Makes sure that both the Helix Ultimate template and plugin were updated to the last version. hen check if installed JCE Editor was updated, it should be v2.9.20+. In case of problems switch to TinyMCE editor to check the front-end article editor.