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Updated Last: 04 January 2024

Certificate creation

The basic configuration

SP LMS offers online certification. To set up and put relevant information on the certificate, browse to System > Global Configuration > SP LMS > Certificate.

Certificate Logo: To put your institution logo on the certificate, upload the image file here.

Certificate Prefix: This prefix text is the prefix of the certificate identification number, this part of the certificate no. is common for all certificates.

Organization Name: Your institution name goes here.

Assigning a Certificate

Once a student becomes eligible for a certificate, you can assign the certificate by the following method.

First, navigate to Components > SP LMS > Certificate > New.

Now the certificate options will pop up.

Student Name: You need to select the student from the drop-down list. 

Course Category Name: Choose the course category from this list.

Issue Date: You can select a specific issue date, otherwise leaving the field blank will put the present date automatically. 

Certificate Number: You can put a number for each certificate manually if you feel the need, otherwise leaving it blank will create a random number for the certificate. 

Student Image: You can manually upload the student image, otherwise leaving it blank will generate the default image for that profile. 

Course Instructor: You can write down the name of the instructor for that course.

Once you are done, click Save.

Displaying the Certificate

The certificates can be shown on the Menu as a menu item. When creating a menu item, select “Purchases” sub-type which is found under SP LMS menu item. 

You are all set. A complete certificate will look like the following: