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Updated Last: 04 January 2024

Creating a lesson

Since everything is in order, (teachers, course categories, courses are created) we can begin to create a lesson. To do that browse to the Lesson section and hit the "New" button from the top panel.

lesson page > SP LMS

Title: This is a mandatory field when creating a new lesson, you can type in the lesson name in this field.

Title alias: An alias is a URL for the lesson, you don't need to put in any data unless you want to in this filed, the alias will automatically be generated after the lesson name once a lesson is created.

Short Description: When creating a lesson you need to provide as much information as possible but not all the information will appear everywhere. That's why a short description is needed.

Description: This is the filed where you put as much information as possible, this description will be shown on the lesson page.

Lesson Course: A list of course name will appear in this dropdown list, you can assign a course for the lesson from this option. 

Lesson Teacher: A list of teacher name will appear in this dropdown list, you can assign a teacher for the lesson from this option.

Video URL: This is the URL for your lesson video. 

Video Thumb: You can upload a thumbnail picture for your lesson video from this option.

Video Duration: Defining the video duration is recommended and you can do it from this option.

Attachment: If you need to attach a file with the lesson, you can do that from here.

Lesson Type: Define the type of the lesson, the Free type can be accessed by all users wheres the Paid type can only be accessed by the ones who purchased the course. 

Status: You can show/hide a lesson by changing its status from Published/Unpublished.

Created By: The person who creates a lesson will be automatically assigned to this field once the lesson is created, but an admin (Super User) can change the user at any time.

Created Date: Clicking on the calendar icon will enable you to set a different date for the creation date but if left blank, it will automatically take the current date when the lesson is created.

Access: You can limit the user access to a lesson by choosing the respective user group from this section.

Notice! To improve lesson editor you can install JCE Core/Pro editor. It allows you to insert more content in an easier way (screenshot above).  If you decided to use this editor, remember to set it width to 99% in JCE > Editor Profiles > Default > Features & Layout > Editor Width.