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Updated Last: 04 January 2024

Setting up the Frontend

You can easily set up the frontend using the Menu option. Please note that the visual appearance of your frontend will vary with the template you use. The following Menu types are available for SP LMS:

Menu Types of SP LMS

Cart: The Cart menu type can be used to show the users their respective cart items. 

Categories: With the Categories menu type you can show all the courses by their category. 

Certificates: This will let you demonstrate a demo of your certificate.  

Courses: The Courses menu type is for showing all the courses in one place. 

Event Category: This menu type is there for showing the event types on a single page.

Events: The Events menu type can be used to show all the events in one place.

Purchases: This menu type will show each individual users their own purchased items, quiz results, and certificates. 

Questions: Using this menu type, all the quizzes can be shown on a single page. 

Single Course: To show a particular course, this menu item can be used. 

Speaker: This menu item will allow you to show all the speakers on a single page. 

Teachers: The Teachers menu type is used for presenting all the teachers in a single place. 

So, how to take advantage of all these menu types? Just navigate to Menu > Main Menu (or your preferred one) > Add New Menu Item and select the one you need using the "Menu Item Type" option.