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Updated Last: 11 March 2024

Blog Settings

This area of settings allows you to enable some apperance elements (icons in posts) as much a social comments and social share buttons.

Show Type Post Icon(s)


Each Joomla article can have option to use Post formats it means use addcional illustration icon, which can show about what type of article (post) is that content.





Of course those icons from Post Format settings are based on FontAwesome typography.

Comments Settings

This build-in option adds  IntenseDebate Comments system, Facebook comments and / or Disqus Comments to your site. All in one tool. You don't have to install any addcional plugin anymore to get this feature. Social allows your readers to log in via a preferred social network and add comment under article. All you have to do is choose and set correct Facebook Application ID, IntenseDebate Account or Disqus Username/Subdomain. Sorry, but right now you can use only one selected social comments system or disable it for all content only.

Note! Sometimes above Disqus comments ads may appear. It happens only if you chosen Free account.


Until there is no language chooser and you want to translate names/labels in FB comments field (front-end). You have to edit template based on Helix3 code:

  1. Open: templates\TemplateName\html\layouts\joomla\content\comments\engine\comments\facebook.php
  2. Find line 18:
    js.src = "//
  3. Replace en_US by your locale: nl_NL for Dutch, fr_FR for French, de_DE for German, es_LA for Spanish, pt_BR for Portuguese (Brazil) etc.
    Supported locales are referenced in the Facebook Locales XML file.
  4. Do this same step for change lang code also here: templates\TemplateName\html\layouts\joomla\content\comments\engine\count\facebook.php
  5. Save changes on server file and refresh page in browser where you have article with comment field below.

fb lang

Social Share buttons

You can also enable Social Share buttons under each article.  Current version have improved social share alignment. In future (upcoming) version we will add more social share buttons.