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Helix Ultimate 1.1.x

Updated Last: 25 March 2022

How to rename Helix Ultimate template

In the following guide we will show you how to rename Helix Ultimate. We do not recommend renaming any of Helix plugins, only the template folder and this manual is about this topic only. Note! you cannot simply rename a template folder by using FTP/sFTP tool to change its name, because information regarding the template are stored in different locations. The template is treated by Joomla as an extension,  some pieces of information are stored in the database, template files, and language file.

Warning! After Template rename in the future, you have to update template files manually (via FTP/SFTP) from new Helix Ultimate packages to get improvements and fixes. Rename is also code customization, so it's on your risk only.

Note!  Do not remove JoomShaper name from copyright notes. It's against copyright law (EU/U.S.). As you’re building websites for customers, think about intellectual property rights. Take only the right and legal customization steps.

 In our example, we will rename the default template name, from: shaper_helixultimate  to:  new
Of course, You can use a different name, remember short names are the best.

Tip: To edit the xml/ini/php files use your favorite text editor (Notepadd++ or other similar).

Rename before installation
This method is the simplest and recommended:  

  1. Download and use the newest Helix Ultimate template package (zip file).
  2. You may rename the zip filename, example from:
    "" to "".
    This step is not obligatory.
  3. From package edit "installer.xml" file, change from:
    <template name="shaper_helixultimate"/>
    <template name="new"/>
  4. Rename template language file (folder /template inside package), from:
  5. Edit "templateDetails.xml" file (folder /template inside package) , then rename template name inside.
    and from:
    <language tag="en-GB">en-GB.tpl_shaper_helixultimate.ini</language>
    <language tag="en-GB">en-GB.tpl_new.ini</language>
    and rename template name inside, from:
    You may also change content of  <description>, but it is not obligatory.
    About update server, it's depends on you decision to keep or remove that part of code.
  6. The helper class name should be renamed TplNewHelper   in  /template/helper.php  file.
  7. We also recommend to change/override template thumbnail image:
    - just override image with yours: 560x425px png format, keep this same file name.
  8. Now you can install this modified template as a new template and set as default.
    Don't worry it should be independent of original one, even if you used QuickStart before.