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SP Booking

Updated Last: 21 October 2019

Additional Tips

Creating Tags And Why You Need To Use Them

You might already know the usage of tags on any website and in Joomla as well. To elaborate, it provides a sorting mechanism. You can sort similar types of items using tag. Tags make it easy to find similar items that have the same tag. You can think of it as a category (not quite though). To create a tag for you need to browse to Component > SP Booking > Tags > click on “New”. Then you’ll be presented with the following screen.

Give a name for the tag and choose the type. Finally hit “Save & Close”. 

Understanding How Searching Works In Sp Booking

The search module lets you search through every item created with SP Booking. The search module includes all four item times. It provides advanced search functionalities using which users can make precise decisions.

The search module indexes only the titles of all SP Booking items. If you use SP Page Builder, you can show the search module anywhere you want. To know how to create your own module head over to the How To section of the documentation.